Who Am I?


My name is Vicki. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and am now living in Florida.  I’ve also lived in Monterey, California and if I had my druthers, that’s where I’d be living.

I lost my husband Henry on January 22, 2015. Eight months later I lost my babydog Patches, who I had for 17 years.  Those losses were the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I miss them both so very much and not a day goes by that I don’t think of them many times throughout the day.

I have 3 children, Jeremy, Anthony, & Kilah. Jeremy is married to Susie, Kilah is married to Harley. I also have 4 grand kids, Arianna, Jordan, Alecia, and Harley.

I live with son #2, and will soon be moving to a nearby town, next door to son #1 and his family. (It’s ok, son #1 talked son #2 into buying the house.)

Anthony adopted a cat, Boots, in 2009 when she was just 8 weeks old. She was a loner until recently when she started becoming more cuddable. Now she sits with me just about every day and wants me to pet her.

I adopted a puppy mill survivor who I named Kaiyo on January 13th, ’16. Kaiyo is adorable and has learned that not everyone will abuse her. It took a while, but she’s happy and healthy now. Together we’re helping each other heal.

Then there’s Jaspurr, a kitten we rescued in September of ’16. She was abandoned in a field where the employees at Anthony’s work park. We were going to take care of her until she was old enough to be weened and then find her a forever home. But after weeks of bottle feeding her every few hours, I knew her forever home is with me.

I fell in love with books the second my mom read “Are You My Mother?” by P. D. Eastman to me.   I  loved the story, and I loved the cover, and I’ve been a cover snob ever since.

I’m trying to get healthier by eating better and exercising more. My choices to get moving are biking, walking, strength training, and tai-chi.

I also love photography, watching tv /movies, and playing board/card games with my family. Any time spent with family is a blessing!

My favorite place in the whole world is the beach
I’m trying to eat more meatless meals
My favorite dessert is chocolate anything
I love me a Code Red, Baja Blast, or Fast Break every once in a while

  16 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. i wasn’t laughing, honest. chocolate anything is my sort of thing too 🙂

  2. Hi Vicki. I’m in Florida, too. Which coast are you on?

  3. No way! My baby brother lives in FL! It’s beautiful there!

  4. I live in central Florida too! Loving it!

  5. I was born in Youngstown Ohio and grew up in Cocoa Fl. On the east! I live in Pennsylvania now. Nice to meet you, Vicki!

  6. I’m originally from Newark and went to Ohio State so I always say I’m from ‘around Columbus’ 🙂 I’ve been in Cleveland for 13 years now and once you get past the snow it is a lovely place to live. Maybe not the best choice for someone who would rather be at the beach though 😉

  7. A fellow Floridian! I am currently living temporarily in Virginia, but home is in the Melbourne, FL area, so I totally get you on the beach thing! 🙂

  8. My favorite place in the whole world is the beach.
    My favorite food is pizza.
    My favorite dessert is chocolate anything.

    So – we’re basically the same person! Reading, fitness, pizza & chocolate at the beach? YEP! Haha

  9. I feel like kindred spirits reading this : ) I love Code Red and Fast Break! They are two things that I save for occasional treats because they can get seriously out of control. I try to only get my Fast Breaks at Halloween from the kids’ trick-or-treat loot. That and Take 5. I try very hard never to look for those in the check outs because if I spot them I’ll end up getting them every time I check out 😡

  10. Vicki, This is the first time I’ve read your –about me profile. I’m sorry you experienced so many so events in a short period of time. (my husband is a Henry). I can tell how much you love your family and animals.

    • Yes, 2015 was a horrible year for me and my family. Your husband is a Henry, cool! Yes, my family and animals are the most important things in the world!

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