Dec 152020

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A Lake House Holiday: A Small-Town Christmas Romance Novel by [Megan Squires]

A Lake House Holiday: A Small-Town Christmas Romance
by Megan Squires

Ace barked three times every morning, right at the stroke of seven. He was the best alarm clock Jolene Carter ever had, but he didn’t appreciate it when she’d bop him squarely on his head in an attempt to hit the snooze, like she did that morning. He let his distaste be known with a low rumble in his throat. It would’ve intimidated a stranger, but little about the one hundred pound ball of fluff could rattle Jolene.

The dog had wandered his way out of the dense Merrylark forest line and onto Jolene’s property years ago, and after posting on local websites and venturing a trip down the hill to the humane society, she concluded that the mutt had been abandoned on purpose. That revelation broke Jolene’s heart, yet at the same time healed it. Ace could become rightfully hers.

“Wow,” Jolene muttered before she could stop herself. And then she did the one thing she knew to do in a situation like this. “Luke, would you like to come in for a cup of coffee? I was just about to put a pot on.”

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Dec 012020

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Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful

Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful
by Mary Marantz

Chapter 1
From the edge of a dirt path off of Airport Road, where the road forks and snakes just a little taller to form the highest point on Fenwick Mountain, you can stand and watch a storm roll in from any and all directions.

We would do that often when I was little. We’d stand out under the wooden overhang of a hand-built lean-to turned front porch-where the boards were all mismatched scraps of whatever you could find and the nails, half-hammered and crooked, sat rusted from the punishment of a blistering summer sun-and watch as streaks of lightening lit up the heat of a July night sky. While thunder rumbled hard and shook the mountains.

Year round, I dumped scraps of brown beans and cornbread for the latest stray that had wandered into the yard. They were all kept in line by one feral gray tabby cat, who adopted me as it’s own when I was just four years old and found it abandoned at the elementary schoolyard in New Hope. It came up to me purring, with it’s green eyes and the distinctive shape of an M in the fur on it’s forehead , which I took as a sigh that we belonged together.

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Nov 032020

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Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community by [Born This Way Foundation Reporters, Lady Gaga]

Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community by Lady Gaga

Trust Kindness
Charleen Colón

On a gloomy afternoon in December 2013, two days before Christmas, my family’s doorbell rang. Not much in the mood for an unannounced visit from a friend-much less a stranger – I felt little enthusiasm as I went to see who it was.

It’s important to pause and think about what you’re doing, just in case you might hurt someone. And by someone, that includes yourself.

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Oct 202020

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Listen to the Marriage: A Novel

Listen to the Marriage by John Jay Osborn

JoAnn reviewed this book and it sounds really good

“Is there anything practical that needs to be addressed right now?” Sandy asked.
Like a student, Gretchen raised her hand.
It had been a long time since one of the couples who came to Sandy had raised her hand before speaking.

“That was a pretty lame conversation,” Sandy said.
There was more about Bonny, both of them knew it, both of them didn’t want to talk about it. Sandy decided to deal with it.

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Sep 152020

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Anxious People Audiobook By Fredrik Backman cover art

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

A bank robbery. A hostage drama. A stairwell full of police officers on their way to storm an apartment. It was easy to get to this point, much easier than you might think. All it took was one single really bad idea.

“Dad? The phone that we sent in for the perpetrator, where did we find it when we came in?” Jack suddenly asks.
“It was there on that little table,” Jim says.
“That explains it,” Jack sighs.
“Explains what?”
“We’ve been thinking about this wrong all along.”

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Sep 072020

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Beaches, Bungalows, & Burglaries: A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery Series Book 1 by [Tonya Kappes]

Beaches, Bungalows, & Burglaries:
A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery Series Book 1
by Tonya Kappe

Chapter 1

“A campground?” I gulped back a good hissy fit because one could never underestimate the power of a good hissy fit, something I’ve tried really hard not to do in years. “As in, tiny little metal houses and porta potties?”

“Well, I think they have a toilet in them,” said Stanley Shelton, my lawyer.

Another woman stood up from a leather chair, which I found sort of odd in a laundromat. She held a book in her hand. She appeared to be in her late twenties, if I had to guess. She had her brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. “I’m Abby Fawn, Normal County Public Library librarian and part-time Tupperware sales associate.”

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Aug 252020

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Laugh Out Loud: 40 Women Humorists Celebrate Then and Now...Before We Forget by [Allia Zobel Nolan]

Laugh Out Loud:

40 Women Humorists Celebrate Then and Now…Before We Forget

by Allia Zobel Nolan

You know how people say they wish they had been born in a different era? Like they wish they had been a flapper, or grew up in the age of The Big Bopper and sock hops?

Not me.

I was born in early 1963 at precisely the right time. I was just the perfect age to experience the 80’s dance clubs. And, boy, did I love dance clubs. That’s where big-haired women and sockless men gathered. That crowd fit me like a glove.

The waistband on these always seemed to cling precariously to my ample hips, while the crotch hovered somewhere just north of my knees like a mama kangaroo’s pouch. Other girls had problems, too. Occasionally, as one of them was walking down the hall, this waistband would suddenly roll down, picking up momentum until it reached her ankles where it would roll down, picking up momentum until it reached her ankles where it trapped and tripped her. Once in a while she’d be joined on the floor by one of her peers who had plummeted off her platform shoes.

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Aug 042020

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Finding Home by Corinne Joy Brown

FIRST CHAPTER: Dawn broke over the flatlands of Rock Springs, Wyoming, clear and cool, faint wisps of early morning clouds dissolving into the sun. My flaxen-maned mother, knowing she was approaching her time, left the herd by herself and lay down in a  sandy, sheltered draw. It didn’t take very long before I came along.

TEASER: “Then what happened?” asked Chaco, his eyes wide, his long ears erect to catch every single word and swiveling in anticipation. “This is the best story I’ve ever heard! Please tell me more!”

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Jul 282020


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Miss Cecily's Recipes for Exceptional Ladies: A Novel

Miss Cecily’s Recipes for Exceptional Ladies by Vicky Zimmerman

FIRST CHAPTER: Prologue Cecily Finn is ninety-seven-and -a half years old. Her hair is as stiff and bright as a firmly beaten egg white, and her dark eyes hold the look of a permanently unimpressed owl. She claims that all she wants is death-because boredom and institutional fish pie are worse than dying-but Cecily has endured far greater horrors than overcooked haddock.

TEASER: Five months earlier…
Kate Parker is ravenous. She sits on a deck chair in Nick Sullivan’s tiny patch of North London garden, gazing contentedly at his back as he stands by the barbecue. The smell of grilled meat is making her stomach audibly rumble, but there’s no point hurrying him. This man does things in his own sweet time.

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Jun 152020

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl audiobook cover art

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Chapter One
Brooke: Shattered
It started that day with just the normal levels of my mother driving me crazy. Which, don’t get me wrong, is plenty bad enough. And some leftover feelings from the odd conversation I’d had with the young woman at my daughter’s new day care might have factored in.

I felt my foot come off the accelerator.
I felt myself out in the air of the night.
I landed on my hip on the tarmac.
I looked up.

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