May 102018

The Reminders by Val Emmich

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company; First Edition edition (May 30, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316316997
ISBN-13: 978-0316316996

Grief-stricken over his partner Sydney’s death, Gavin sets fire to every reminder in the couple’s home before fleeing Los Angeles for New Jersey, where he hopes to find peace with the family of an old friend. Instead, he finds Joan.

Joan, the family’s ten-year-old daughter, was born Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, or HSAM: the rare ability to recall every day of her life in cinematic detail. Joan has never met Gavin until now, but she did know his partner, and waiting inside her uncanny mind are startlingly vivid memories to prove it.

Gavin strikes a deal with Joan: in return for sharing her memories of Sydney, Gavin will help her win a songwriting contest she’s convinced will make her unforgettable. The unlikely duo set off on their quest until Joan reveals unexpected details about Sydney’s final months, forcing Gavin to question not only the purity of his past with Sydney but the course of his own immediate future.

Told in the alternating voices of these two irresistible characters, The Reminders is a hilarious and tender exploration of loss, memory, friendship, and renewal.

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot to review this book! I was looking through my Instagram photos and saw this book and thought “wait, I don’t remember reviewing that book” so I checked and nope, I didn’t. I have a bad habit of starting another book before I write a review so now I’m wondering how many other books I didn’t review. Oh well. I need to start practicing read, review, read, review, etc.

Anyway, I LOVED this book. I loved Joan and Gavin and the relationship they had. I liked reading all the things Joan could remember from practically her whole life. It really touched me that she could tell Gavin things that Sydney had said or done when he wasn’t with him. I would have liked to have had a person like that when my husband died.

It was interesting that Joan and her dad shared a love for music and even had a recording studio in their home. I loved going around New York with them and loved when I finally read what the “big secret” was all about.

This is a very funny, sometimes sad story about friendship, love, and loss.

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Dec 282017

Little Ree by Ree Drummond
Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Series: Little Ree
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (March 28, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062453181
ISBN-13: 978-0062453181

New York Times bestselling author, Food Network star, and the Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond brings us the first book in a brand-new picture book series! In Ree’s own words: “I was all grown up when I moved out to the country. When I first arrived, I felt so out of place! But eventually, I looked around and discovered all the wonderful things about country life. So I decided to write a story about my experiences, as seen through the eyes of a little girl named Ree. Little Ree moves to the country and feels as scared and unsure as I was. But then she finds that if she sets her mind to it, being a country girl is a pretty cool thing. Come along on her adventures!”Little Ree trades in her city days for a country way of life when she moves with her family to her grandparents’ ranch. She’s excited to ride horses, swim in the pond, and help Grandma cook for everyone. But on her first day, she finds that living on a ranch can be tough. She has to get up at the crack of dawn, learn to herd cows, and make sure her horse, Pepper, doesn’t eat everything in sight. And that’s all before breakfast! Will she ever get used to this new place? Luckily, the end of the day brings a big family barbecue … and the happy discovery that being a country girl isn’t about the right pair of boots, it’s all about the right attitude.

I’ve been a fan of Ree Drummond for years. I love her tv show, her cookbooks, her blog, and now this book. I know she’s written quite a few other books and I want to read them too.

There is such a great message in this book. I know there are a lot of families that move, and sometimes that’s not so easy for the kids. But this book will show them that a move isn’t always bad. And maybe, it just might end up being a wonderful thing.

Cute short book with great illustrations.

Dec 082017

Murder on the Orient Express cover art

Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Narrated by: Dan Stevens
Series: Hercule Poirot, Book 10
Length: 6 hrs and 37 mins
Release date: 09-10-13
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio

“The murderer is with us – on the train now…”

Just after midnight, the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. By morning, the millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. One of his fellow passengers must be the murderer.

Isolated by the storm, detective Hercule Poirot must find the killer among a dozen of the dead man’s enemies, before the murderer decides to strike again….

This is a whodunnit at it’s best. Poirot is my favorite detective, and Christie always does a great job with his character. He always makes me think one person is guilty, then makes me change my mind usually more than once, and then says who the killer is and it shocks me every time.

There were more characters than I normally like in a book, but the descriptions of them are so vivid that I had no problem keeping them straight.

There were so many clues, so much happening, and so many ways the story could have gone, but in the end it was one of the best endings I’ve ever read in a book.

The book was narrated by Dan Stevens who did a great job with all the voices.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all lovers of  this genre of book.

Nov 202017

House on the Forgotten Coast by Ruth Coe Chambers

Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: She Writes Press (September 19, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1631523007
ISBN-13: 978-1631523007

Like a monarch surveying her domain, the house has stood for over a hundred years in the fishing village of Apalachicola on Florida’s northwest coast. She has known life. She has known passionate love. She has known brutal death. But she has guarded her secrets well . . .

Then eighteen-year-old Elise Foster and her parents arrive from Atlanta in their silver Jaguar, bringing with them their own secrets and desires. Seeking friendship in their new community, they find instead that the townspeople resent their intrusion. But this intrusion on the house’s privacy also provides a pathway for the past and the present to merge—and for the truth behind an unsolved murder to finally be brought to light. As you strive to solve the mystery, you and the Fosters are forced to address two critical questions: What is real? What is delusion?

Elise is moving to Apalachicola with her parents and she is definitely not happy about it. But soon she becomes engrossed in the town, it’s residents, and it’s history.  And then she gets the feeling that she is somehow connected to the house she’s living in and to the past of Apalachicola.
The author brings the story and the small town alive with her words, and makes this book very hard to put down.
This story is not like what I usually read, but it caught my attention because it takes place in Apalachicola, Florida. The story is interesting from the start and keeps your attention through to the end with many twists and turns and a lot of mystery and secrets.

About the Author:Ruth Coe Chambers takes pride in her Florida panhandle roots and her hometown of Port St. Joe has inspired much of her writing.She is indebted to the creative writing classes at the University of South Florida where she found her “voice” and began writing literary fiction. Listed in the Who’s Who of American Women. She has recently republished one novel, and published it’s sequel, and has written two award-winning plays. She is currently working on the third novel in her Bay Harbor Trilogy. She has two daughters and lives with her husband and one very spoiled Cairn terrier in Neptune Beach, Florida.

Her two earlier novels include The Chinaberry Album and Heat Lightening

Buy The Book
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Nov 132017


Barbra Streisand on the Couch by Alma Bond, Ph.D.

Publisher: Bancroft Press (Oct 1, 2017)
Category: Literary Fiction, Celebrities, Barbra Streisand
Tour dates: Oct/Nov, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-61088-211-8
Available in Print, 308 pages

About the book
We all know Barbra, the star, but how well do we know Barbra, the woman? In the latest installment of my On the Couch series, Dr. Darcy Dale, a renowned, pioneering Manhattan psychiatrist, is confronted by Barbra, who is dismayed after thirty years of minimally successful therapy. Over the course of a year, Dr. Dale conducts an intimate psychoanalysis, breaking through Barbra’s defense mechanisms and repressions to delve deep into the heart and mind of one of America’s last remaining superstars.

Published at the same time as Streisand’s own, long awaited memoir, Barbra Streisand: On the Couch is an essential companion, a sensitive, objective, pitch-perfect opportunity to look behind the voice and image, and to understand and fully appreciate Barbra Streisand, the human being.

I was very excited to have a chance to review this book because I’ve been a fan of Barbra Streisand since I was young. I’ve seen all but a few of her movies and have listened to her music for many years. I couldn’t wait for the book to arrive and was thrilled when it did. I was even more thrilled when I saw that it was signed.

The book is very good. I learned things about Barbra that I didn’t know. Things about her childhood, her school days, her start in show business, her relationships with men.

The author dedicates this book to her, saying that she’s “The funniest person I’ve ever known.”  And it’s true, many times throughout the book she made me laugh.

This book is very interesting. The thing that surprised me the most though is that she spent thirty years in analysis and no one could give her the help she was looking for and needed until she went to the author.

I recommend this book to everyone, whether a fan of Barbra or not. If you are a fan, it will make you a bigger fan. If you aren’t, it will make you one.

This is such a good book, and now I want to read the rest in the “On The Couch” series.

Buy Barbra Streisand: on the Couch by Alma H. Bond, Ph.D.

Praise Barbra Streisand: on the Couch by Alma H. Bond, Ph.D.
“Thoroughly enjoyable.”—Kitty Kelley, author of mega bestselling biographies on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, the British Royal Family, the Bush family, and Oprah Winfrey

“Absolutely delightful … and wonderful … with fabulous insight … Fans of Barbra Streisand [will] love this book . . . It’s impossible to come away from [it] with anything but a warm, fuzzy feeling for this . . . adored songbird… Underneath is [an] . . . insecure little girl who lost her daddy . . . and never truly got over it.”—Readers Favorite

“This will appeal to anyone who enjoys discovering information about such a celebrity, how she feels about the ups and downs of her life, and other juicy details of her storied sex life and stellar career. […] The book has a can’t-put-it-down quality; the juiciness of the gossip, the emotional insights into her joy and pain, and the remarkable triumphs and failures of her long career are completely fascinating. Although the book is fiction, the author lists in a bibliography the numerous books and articles from which she garnered the very factual events and many of Miss Streisand’s own words from interviews that she used to create the sessions…”-Midwest Book Review

I’ve been a fan of Bond’s On the Couch series for years, but this one is absolutely her best. Barbra Streisand–with all her foibles and charms–comes alive on the pages of this book. Bond digs deep into Streisand’s psyche to give the reader a close-up look at a mega-star.
Instead of a tell-all novel that dishes out the dirt on her many costars, we follow along with Streisand as she herself recounts her many projects, affairs, and early history. Instead of a public relations–approved biography that glosses over Streisand’s need to be in control of her projects, this book revels in it, explores the reasons for a demanding actor/musician/director to behave as she does, shows the reader just how dedicated to her craft Streisand is.
If you’re a fan of her acting, her music, her career, or her activism, this is definitely a book you should read. Even if you’re not a fan, chances are you will be by the time you finish the book.”- Ann Beardsley
Barbra Streisand: on the Couch by Alma H. Bond

About The Author
Award winning author, Alma Halbert Bond received her Ph.D. from Columbia University, and became a highly successful psychoanalyst in private practice for 37 years in New York City. She “retired” to become a full-time writer. Barbra Streisand: On the Couch is currently in production with Bancroft Press, who publish the On the Couch series.

Hillary Clinton: On the Couch was published a few months ago, and received a Best Books Award Finalist book award. Jackie O: On the Couch, the first of her On the Couch series to be published by Bancroft Press, was published on August 15, 2011, and received a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Best Books Award Finalist USA Book News, and International Book Awards Finalist. . Margaret Mahler, a Biography of the Psychoanalyst was published by McFarland Press in 2008. It received two awards, Best Books Award Finalist USA Book News and Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Finalist.

Michelle Obama, a Biography, was recently published by Greenwood Press. Dr. Bond has had 20 other books published.

Among other organizations, Dr. Bond is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Dramatists Guild, PEN, the International Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Psychological Association. She taught psychoanalysis at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, where she is a fellow, and also has been a faculty member of WritersSchool, where she taught Psychology and Literature.

Website is

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Oct 252017


Hosted @ Maureen’s Books

 This is easy, I just finished (for the first time) watching all 7 seasons plus Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (and hoping for more). I love this mother/daughter team and wish I hadn’t procrastinated so long. I didn’t even know there were books about them until I did a search to see if there was. I already ordered Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls by Kristi Carlson and will order more when I figure out what order to buy them.
Anyway, I would love to go shopping with Lorelai .  She’s such a quirky, fun person that I think I’d have a fun time with her no matter what we were doing. Shopping with her would be unlike any shopping trip I’ve ever been on before.
Oct 112017

Hosted @ Maureen’s Books

I live in Florida and it’s so hot and humid most of the year, but there are a few days here and there during fall when the humidity eases up a bit. I also like Thanksgiving, especially pumpkin pie. I’ve never tried apple cider but plan to try it soon.  When I lived in Ohio, I loved the changing colors of the leaves, but here there isn’t much of that. Hopefully I’ll find a colorful tree or two this fall.
Oct 112017
From this Side of the Pond

From this Side of the Pond

1. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your sense of direction? 1=can’t find my way out of a paper bag and 10=if I’ve been somewhere once I can find it blindfolded ten years later.
I’d say a 9 because buildings get torn down and something else is built there. But you still have things you’ll recognize to let you know where you are.

When was the last time you looked at/used a map you could hold in your hand? (phones don’t count!)
In 1982

back east, down south, out west, up north
Choose one of these directional expressions and tell us why you chose it.
out west, because we were moving to California the last time I used a map

2. Did you do more talking or listening yesterday? Is that typical?
Doing more listening is typical for me.

Describe your yesterday in one word.

3. Time, money, water-power-resources, opportunity…which one on the list are you most guilty of wasting?
I think time would be most accurate

What might you do to change that?
Stop binge watching The Gilmore Girls 🙂

4. Did your family take regular vacations when you were a kid?
Yes, we went camping at the lake and to Florida and a few other places

Tell us something you remember about a family roadtrip from your own childhood.
We always stopped at Stuckey’s on the way to and from wherever we were going. They have great food, and I love their Pecan Log Rolls. Plus my brother and I could get anything we wanted from the gift shops. Sadly, there aren’t as many of them as there used to be.

5. If you could grow anything you wanted, what would you grow?
Longer legs

Because being 5’0″ is a pain sometimes

6. Insert your own random thought here.
The other night I was driving home from work and it was dark. I came around a curve on the road I live on, and my lights shined on an owl. Sitting in the middle of the road. An owl! Just sitting there staring at me. I slowed down and it flew off. Weird!

Sep 282017

Hosted @ Maureen’s Books

I work in the dietary department of a Health & Rehab center, and I love it! My favorite thing is all the exercise I get. It’s very fast paced. I get a  lot of steps and my arms get a great workout.

I like getting to know the residents. They are very diverse and most are friendly and some are very funny.

I also like my boss and co-workers. They are all easy going and fun to be around. And whoever is the cook that day is allowed to play music, and most of the time it’s loud. Music is healing and will always put me in a better mood.


Aug 302017
From this Side of the Pond

Hosted @ From This Side Of The Pond


1. Can you believe we’re rolling in to the Labor Day weekend? What’s a project you’ll labor over this fall?
Hopefully I’ll be planting a vegeatable garden

2. Tell us about the best perks you ever had in a job?
Medical & dental insurance that was really good, and weekends off

3. August 31st is National South Carolina Day. Have you ever been to SC? Any desire to go?
I’ve been through South Carolina many times, but didn’t spend that much time there sight seeing so I would like to go back and spend a few days.

According to Southern Living, these are the top ten things to do in South Carolina…

Explore Charleston, bike, golf or relax on Hilton Head Island, see the beach and the boardwalk at Myrtle Beach, visit the state museum in the capital city Columbia, observe the wildlife and natural beauty of the Ace Basin, take a walk or hop on a trolley and check out Greenville’s charming main street, visit Fort Sumter where the Civil War began, stroll through Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden in Bishopville leaving time to check out The Button Museum, also in Bishopville, see Morgan Island (also known as Monkey Island)-home to nearly 4000 Rhesus monkeys.

Of those listed, I’d like to:
Bike or relax on Hilton Head Island
See the beach and the boardwalk at Myrtle Beach
Observe the wildlife and natural beauty of the Ace Basin
Take a walk or hop on a trolley & check out Greenville’s charming main street
Stroll through Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden in Bishopville
See Morgan Island

Which is most appealing to you today?
All the above

4. Beef, pork, country-style, barbecued, baby back, spare or short…your favorite kind of rib?
I love ribs but my favorite is bbq

What’s a dish you enjoy that really ‘sticks to your ribs?
Chicken & Dumplings

5. What’s one important skill you think every person should have? Why?
Learning how to defend themselves, because this world is a rough place to live in

6. Insert your own random thought here.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the people by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Aug 112017

Friday 5

1. What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator ?

What’s something gross whose name begins with the letter?
Limburger Cheese

2. What’s something crunchy whose name begins with the letter?

3. What’s something (or who is someone) you wouldn’t mind hugging whose name begins with the letter?
My sister Linda

4. What’s something whose name begins with the letter and can be found on a passenger airplane?

5. What’s something (whose name begins with the letter) you could purchase at a hardware store?

Aug 092017

From this Side of the Pond

Hosted @ From This Side Of The Pond


1. Do you try to set rules for yourself about how you use your time? Explain.
No, I’m semi retired so I just go with the flow and do whatever I feel like doing. Unless of course I have an appointment or something at a specific day/time.

2. Monday was National Lighthouse Day. Have you ever visited a lighthouse? If not, do you have any desire to see one up close? Of the 10 Most Beautiful that made this list which would you most like to see in person?

Lindau Lighthouse (Germany), Fanad Lighthouse (Ireland), Portland Head Light (Maine), Yaquina Bay Light (Oregon) The St. Augustine Light (Florida), Peggys Point Lighthouse (Canada), Start Point Lighthouse (England), Tower of Hercules (Spain), Bass Harbor Head Station (Maine), and White Shoal Light (Michigan)

I love lighthouses and if you ever came to my house you’d know that right away. My walls all have lighthouse pictures on them, I have lighthouse figurines on most all tables etc., and I even have lighthouse light switch plates. Of the ten listed, I’d like to see the Fanad Lighthouse in Ireland the most because well, it’s in Ireland. I love the St. Augustine Lighthouse and have visited a few times. I’ve even climbed to the top and bought the t-shirt

When you’ve been away, what’s your ‘lighthouse’ telling you you’re on the right road home?
The 301 exit sign on Interstate 75

3. What have you unintentionally stopped doing? Is this something you need to pick back up and begin again, or is it something you need to let go of for now (or even permanently)?
I can’t think of anything I’ve unintentionally, or intentionally, stopped doing

4. We’ve had a full week of August. Share a GRAND moment from your month so far.
My GRAND moment was 2 weekends ago when my son Anthony and I went to the beach. I’d been trying to go for a while, but we’re in our rainy season, so it took a while before we had a decent day.

5. Tell us one song you love with the word ‘baby’ in the title.
Sunspot Baby by ♥ Bob Seger ♥

6. Insert your own random thought here.
You never know what someone is going through, be kind!

Aug 062017

Sunday Stealing

Do You Have Freckles?

Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed?
Closed, open would be weird

Can You Whistle?
Nope, I’ve tried and tried

Did You Wake Up Cranky today?
I never wake up cranky, why would I?

Zodiac Sign
Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp

What Is Your Eye Color?

Take A Vitamin Daily?

Do You Sing In The Shower?

What Did You Have For Lunch?
Haven’t had lunch yet today, yesterday I had Taco Bell

Do You Watch The Olympics?

Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean?
Pool, but I’d rather be at the beach

Bottled Water Or Tap Water?

Do You Work Better With Or Without Music?
With, or listening to an audiobook

Can You Curl Your Tongue?

Is There Anything Pink Within 10 Feet Of You?
A Memo Cube Holder, the papers on top are pink

Have You Ever Caught A Butterfly?

Are You Easily Influenced By Other People?
Depend on what the subject is

Do You Have Strange Dreams?
All the time, I’ve woken up the whole house because I was laughing in my sleep

Do You Like Going On Airplanes?
Only been on one once, from Florida to NYC, but I LOVED it!!

Name One Movie That Made You Cry
An Affair To Remember which is my favorite “classic” movie, and The Notebook which is my “newer” favorite movie.

Peanuts Or Sunflower Seeds?
Sunflower Seeds

If I Handed You A Concert Ticket Right Now, Who Would You Want The Performer To Be?
I’d want to see Bob Seger again. I saw him at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in ’83, best concert ever!

Are You A Picky Eater?
Not really, but I won’t eat organ meat, souse, or chitterlings, and a few other things

Are You A Heavy Sleeper?
No, the smallest noise wakes me up

Do You Fear Thunder / Lightning?
I couldn’t live in Florida if I did, it’s the lightning capital of North America

Do You Like Your Music Loud?
When I’m at work and sometimes when I’m alone

Would You Rather Carve Pumpkins Or Wrap Presents?
Wrap presents

What’s The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters?

Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight?
Many times

Do You Like Meeting New People?
Depends where and why

What Are Three Things You Did Today?
Said my prayers, read today’s scheduled Bible verses, cuddled with my dog

What Do You Wear To Bed?
Light PJ’s, it’s hot and humid in Florida

Do You Wear Jeans Or Sweats More?
Jean capris, don’t wear sweats at all

Name Something That Relaxes You
Being at the beach and snuggling with my cat and dog

Jul 282017

Hosted @ McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing


1. As a child, my favorite playground activity(ies) were Four Square & Tether Ball.

2. For breakfast, I have Greek yogurt with blueberries or strawberries, avocado and dry steel cut oats all stirred together.

3. An instrument I would like to play is drums.

4. I always try to be friendly to everyone because you never know what they’re dealing with in their life.

Jul 262017
From this Side of the Pond

Hosted @ From This Side Of The Pond

We’ve reached edition number 315 here in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. So tell us, what were you doing at 3:15 yesterday? Is that typical? On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high) what’s your energy level usually like at 3:15 PM?
Yesterday at 3:15 I was getting ready to go to work, which isn’t typical. Usually I have to be at work at 7:15 am, but once in a while I have to be there at 5:00 pm. Energy level at 3:15 pm is usually between 4 and 6. I exert a lot of energy at work

2. A frisbee, a tantrum, a towel, a party, a punch, or a curveball…which have you most recently thrown or had thrown at/for you? Elaborate.
How about none of the above? Sorry, but none have recently been thrown or thrown at me

3. What are three things that would help you right now. Tell us how or why.
A vacation, new kitchen appliances, & a pile of money. Why? Because I need a vacation, I don’t want to take the appliances we have where we’re living now, and because remodeling is expensive.

4. Do you think you’re strong? Why or why not? What makes you strong?
Yes, I do think I’m strong. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I survived some things I didn’t think I would. After God, my kids and grandkids make me strong. Without their love and support, I would be lost.

5. Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? What’s your favorite book set sometime in the past?
I don’t like historical fiction much at all, so it’s funny that one of my favorite books is an historical fiction. When I was younger and hooked on Danielle Steele, she came out with an historical fiction, Zoya. I didn’t want to read it because it was an hf, but decided to because it was written by Steele. I LOVED IT! After all these years, it’s still one of my very favorite books ever.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Not a thought, but a question. Would you rather go on vacation to Japan or Ireland?

Jul 212017

Hosted @ Coffee Addicted Writer

Have you ever read a book or books you would consider ‘toxic’ because of the effect it(they) had on you? If so, which 
Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. I couldn’t get it out of my head and for a while, everytime I went to IKEA, I was expecting something to jump out at me or be standing down the aisle somewhere. Still, it was one of the best books I read that year.


Hosted @ McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing

1. My favorite thing on my daily to-do list is cuddling with my dog and cats.

2. My least favourite thing on my daily to-do list is deciding what to make for supper.

3. I could really do without this rain and humidity.

4. I would love to have more money of course.


Friday 5

How confidently could you turn a cartwheel right now?
Not even going to try that

How (physically) flexible are you?
I’m pretty flexible, except for my left knee. It’s barely flexible at all

How are your Frisbee-throwing skills?
Haven’t thrown a frisbee in years

Which carnival game do you have the best shot at winning?
Basketball toss

How good are you at toss-the-paper-in-the-wastebasket?
So accurate you wouldn’t believe it even if you saw it

Jul 162017

Sunday Stealing

First Job: Baby sitting and then working at a dairy queen type place

First Real Job: Banquet plant

First Favorite Politician: Kennedy

First Car: Chevy Malibu

First Record/CD: Probably CCR

First Sport Played: Baseball

First Concert: The Jackson 5 or The Osmonds when I was in elementary school

First Foreign Country Visited: none 🙁

First Favorite TV Show: Other than all the 60’s cartoons, Lucy’s Toyshop (loved Mr. Tree) and Flippo The Clown

First Favorite Actor: Chuck Connors on The Rifleman

First Favorite Actress: Frances Bavier on The Andy Griffith Show

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: a boy named Scott

First Encounter with a Famous Person: Chuck Yeager is my dad’s cousin

First Brush With Death: born @ 2 pounds

First House/Condo Owned: A 3 bedroom house on an acre of land

First Film Seen: The first one I remember was Cinderella

First Favorite Recording Artist: CCR

First Favorite Radio Station: WCOL – Columbus, Ohio. It didn’t used to be, but now it’s a country station

First Book I Remember Reading: Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: I don’t remember the name, the host doesn’t do it anymore

Jul 142017

Hosted @ Coffee Addicted Writer

What is your go-to drink and/or snack while reading?
I rarely drink anything but water, and don’t snack while reading. Wow, I sound boring.


Friday 5

Why are waffles better than pancakes?
Because the syrup puddles in the little dents and they are crispier

What’s something you remember about being 11?
Getting dropped off at the mall on Saturday mornings with my two bff’s Melody & Sheila. We’d spend the day shopping, going to a movie, eating big soft pretzles, and then get picked back up when th mall was closing

What experience do you have with role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons?

How do you feel about carnival rides that make you go upside-down?
Love love love them, I especially love roller coasters

You’ve seen Matthew Modine in more films than you realize (which he famously admitted during his opening monologue when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 1988) (filmography here). Which have you seen, and which was the best?
The only movies I can remember him being in are Full Metal Jacket, Notting Hill & Flowers For Algernon, and my favorite was Flowers For Algernon

Jul 092017

Sunday Stealing

1. Where were you three hours ago?
Three hours ago it was 6:00. I was in bed, just waking up.

2. Make a confession
I can’t whistle

3. Bad habits?
Eating too much chocolate

4. Favorite color?

5. Can you drive?

6. 3 pet peeves
Bad drivers, rude people, ringing phones in a movie theater

7. Last person you hugged
My grandson Jordan

8. Something you miss
Living at the water

9. What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
The theme from Bringing Up Bates

10. Favorite quote
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
Philippians 4:13

11. Favorite band
Third Day

12. Something you’re excited for
Going to the beach

13. Favorite movie
The Choice

14. What type of phone do you have?

15. Favorite animal