Jan 012018

1. Go On A Cruise
2. Go Ziplining
3. Go Horseback Riding
4. Tour a Vineyard
5. Hike at least 4 State Parks
6. Complete a 1000+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
7. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
8. Attend a Murder Mystery dinner
9. Be a tourist in your own city
10. Go to a comedy club
11. Give up meat for a week
12. Go to the horse or dog races
13. Host a theme party
14. Decorate yard for a holiday
15. Join a book club
16. Send a post card to Post Secret 
17. Start learning a new word every day
18. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
19. Leave books I own in public places for someone else to find and read
20. Try a new ethnic food

Nov 262017

I think we all need a bucket list

Try New Restaurants
1. Zephyrhills Brewing Company/Lolis Mexican Cravings
2. Mesa 21
3. Del Carmen Mexican Restaurant & Store
4. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

1. Try A New Ethnic Food
Went to a Thai restaurant

2. Do Random Acts Of Kindness
Paid for someone’s dryer when electric was out during Hurricane Erma
Let people behind me with a few items go first if I have a bunch of items

3. Learn To Use Chopsticks
At the Thai restaurant

4. Send Postcards Via Postcrossing

5. Go to a comedy club
When I was in NYC

6. See a Broadway show in NYC