Sep 282012


How Far Is Heaven?: A Louise Golden Mystery by Laurie Hanan

Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: Hoaka Moon Publishing (February 18, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615588859
ISBN-13: 978-0615588858

Christmas is never easy for mail carriers. But for Louise Golden, the season of good cheer is about to become a nightmare. Exhausted after a long day of delivering mail in nasty weather, Louise is heading back to the station when, through the heavy rain, a ghost like figure appears in her headlights. Louise hits her brakes, but it’s too late. The girl is taken to the hospital, unconscious. Who is she? What was she doing in the middle of the road on a rainy night, dressed only in an oversized tee-shirt? Why hasn’t anyone reported her missing? When Jane Doe regains consciousness, she remembers nothing—not even her own name. Louise befriends the frightened girl, who then disappears. Louise is suspended from work during the accident investigation, and uses her time to search for the missing girl. Meanwhile, with the holiday in full swing around her, Louise is confronted with religious traditions she feels no connection to. And how in the world is she supposed to sort out her relationships with the four men in her life? Each of them seems almost right, and yet so completely wrong. Sexier and grittier than Almost Paradise, The second Louise Golden mystery takes the reader on a true Hawaiian roller coaster ride.

This is the second book in the Louise Golden Mystery series, and it’s just as good as the first book, Almost Paradise.  The action starts in the first paragraph and I was hooked instantly.

I like that we see some familiar characters, and we also meet some new ones. The new bad guys are seedier and more heartless, and there’s lots of action. The book delves into Louise’s personal life a bit more than the first book did, and I liked getting to know her better. I liked that she seemed more… womanly is the word I guess. She lets go a bit more in this book than she did in the first one. But she’s still one tough cookie with a strong determination to get to the bottom things, no matter who or what is in her way.

I absolutely love this series, and can’t wait for the next book to come out. You can read my review of the first book here.

Meet The Author:
Laurie grew up in the picturesque islands of the South Pacific. Her father pioneered air travel to many of the tiny islands, and Laurie often accompanied him on his flights. She moved to Seattle to study photography and dance at the University of Washington. While there, she discovered an interest in Jewish Studies, Hebrew, and Middle Eastern dance. She moved to Israel to pursue these subjects, earning her keep by working in the cotton fields of the Jezreel Valley. Laurie moved to London, then lived in several European countries, before returning to Israel. It was on this second trip to Israel that she met the love of her life. They eloped and were married in Cyprus. Laurie and her husband spent time exploring the Far East, before settling in Hawaii. Laurie had a career with the Postal Service, and raised three children. She retired in 2006 and started writing her Louise Golden mystery series. She also promotes animal rights and rescue, and practices yoga, meditation, and qi gong. Laurie lives on Oahu with her husband, two youngest children, a Westie and an alley cat.

May 162012

Almost Paradise by Laurie Hanan

Paperback: 274 pages
Publisher: Savant Books & Publications LLC (September 16, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983286132
ISBN-13: 978-0983286134

Louise, a mail carrier in Kaneohe, Hawaii, searches for Conchita Santos, an elderly customer on her delivery route who has mysteriously vanished. Louise encounters a murderer, who stalks her, but she get the better of him and solves the mystery of the missing woman…and two other unsolved police cases.

Hooked from the first page, I didn’t want to stop reading until the end. The book has murder, suspense, romance, star struck characters and friends that couldn’t be different from each other. I loved it!

The author takes you on a journey to find a killer, and just when you think you know who it is…it isn’t. Well written, it ends with a shocker that I didn’t see coming. Everyone and everything isn’t what it appears to be.

This is the first book by this author I’ve read. Her 2nd book, which happens to be the 2nd book in the Louise Golden Mystery Series, is How Far Is Heaven and just came out in February. I plan on reading it as soon as I can.

You can visit her HERE

Mar 162012

Brutal by Joel M. Andre
Genre:Adult Suspense, Mystery, Thriller,Horror
Pages: 21
Publisher: Darkcountry Publications
Publication Date: March 1,2010
Purchase: Amazon


One dark and warm October night in the heart of Arizona, a group of friends are out for an evening of fun. It was a night for celebration, and to draw them away from the world.

As they drink the night away, a dark and handsome stranger watches them in the distance. His observations going unnoticed as the girls focus on their own conversation.

Too drunk to make it home on their own, the stranger offers the group a ride home in his taxi. Reluctantly, the girls agree.

What follows is a dark and brutal act of revenge decades in the making.

My Thoughts:
3 friends meet their fate all because of what one of their fathers did. The author sure know how to put some vivid images in your head, and leave you wanting more. The story ended in such a way that there could be a Brutal 2, and I for one am hoping there is.

Feb 012012

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