Jun 022018

Hosted @ 746 Books

#20booksof summer

I first heard of this challenge @ Books Please

From 1 June to 3 September
Choose 20 books(or 15 or 10) you want to read

Cathy says:
“I am wonderfully slack with my rules!”
Want to swap a book? Go for it.
Fancy changing your list half way through? No problem.
Deciding to drop your goal from 20 to 15? I’m fine with that.

I like that Cathy gives us options to change books  or goal.

This year I’ve mainly been listening to audiobooks so I decided to read more Kindle & Library books for this challenge. I’ve also been slacking on cozies so I’ve added 2 series to the list. There are also a few books that have been on my tbr list for way too long.

I may not finish all of them, but here’s the list:

1. The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane
2. Florida by Lauren Groff
3. Us Against You by Fredrik Backman

4. Love Story (Love Story #1) by Erich Segal
5. Oliver’s Story (Love Story #2) by Erich Segal

6. The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker
7. The Third Wish by Carolyn Brown
8. Cream of Sweet (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #1) by Wendy Meadows
9. Itsy-Bitsy Murder (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #2) by Wendy Meadows
10. Fudgement Day (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #3) by Wendy Meadows
11. A’s in the Hole (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #4) by Wendy Meadows
12. Sugar and Price (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #5) by Wendy Meadows
13. Fitness Witness (Chocolate Cozy Mystery #6) by Wendy Meadows
14. A Berry Deadly Welcome  (Kylie Berry Cozy# 1) by A.R. Winters
15. A Berry Murderous Kitten (Kylie Berry Cozy # 2) by A.R. Winters
16. A Berry Clever Corpse (Kylie Berry Cozy # 3) by A.R. Winters
17. A Berry Cunning Conman (Kylie Berry Cozy # 4) by A.R. Winters

18. Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York by Roz Chast
19. The Zodiac Killer by Brenda Haugen
20.  This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz