Oct 262022

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Love this picture!

  2. The squirrel looks like he/she is pondering what to do and which way to go 🙂

  3. Aww What a good capture heheh!

    Have a nutty squirreltastc week

  4. Love your furry friend!

  5. Thinking “now where did I bury that nut?”

  6. He really wanted his picture taken! 🙂

  7. Squirrels look so professorial when they are sitting up like that with their front paws folded.

  8. What a poser! “Is this my best side?”

  9. What a great picture! My dog is convinced that all squirrels are his friends – the squirrels are not sold on this fact.

  10. We have so many in the yard. Our neighbor cat unfortunatley was able to catch one!

  11. Glad that you were able to notice the squirrels. we have had a few black ones near our home and I’m thinking they must re-populating fast (wink)

  12. A wonderful photo that reminds me to take time to appreciate all the beauty around us.

  13. I don’t get to see too many squirrel now that we have Loki. He’s always yelluing at them and trying to catch them!!
    I am taking a short blogging break but will visit your posts upcoming. My motivation is low 🙂

    • Where I lived before moving to town we had a lot of huge trees and my dog Patches loved chasing them up trees 🙂 Kiayo couldn’t care less about them though. We also have chickens that roam our yards and she looks at them but that’s all.

      Enjoy your vacation! My motivation is low too 🙁

      • Vicki, my motivation was low and I needed the break. I have actually tried to start a few posts and Loki gets ramped up about delviery guys arriving or whatever. The barking is very distracting!

        Also, I couldn’t respond to your comment about the gnocchi on my blog as I hit reply and some other weird page came up. Ugh.

        Yes! I used prepackaged gnocchi that is stored on the shelf from Publix.

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