Jul 312022

High is expected to be 103°, low is expected to be 81°

Need To Review:
The Swimmers by  Julie Otsuka
The Beach Trap by Ali Brady

Audio: Starting Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez tomorrow

I thought I was out of the book slump but it crept back in and now I can’t seem to review books when I do finish them. Anyone else having book related problems?

I’m going to start Rutherford Falls and see if I like it
Lots of movies on Ups Faith & Family
Loving Relative Race, starting on season 2, I can’t find season 1 anywhere

In The Kitchen…
Chicken and Veggies Ramen Noodles Skillet
Brunswick Stew
The Hillbillies Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken and Rice

Looking forward to…
Taking a day trip soon

Question Of The Week…
Pizza has been my favorite food since I was a kid but it’s not anymore.  A lot of foods that I used to love aren’t in that list anymore. I still eat a piece of pizza every now and then but most of the time have  a salad, Chinese or Mexican. Have your favorites changed, care to share from what to what?

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.
Romans 12:15

From the camera…


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  32 Responses to “Sunday Salon: 7/31/22”

  1. I’ve had a hard time reviewing books this month, too. Finally I just wrote a couple of sentences about all of them and called it a day. Strange how we go in cycles like that…

    Hope you get to have a day trip soon. Where do you want to go? Beautiful sky photo… have a good week, Vicki!

  2. Take My Hand is a very good novel though there are tense moments (be warned!). It covers such important history.

    My reading has been really slow this July and I am afraid August may not be much better with my move coming up.

    • Thanks for the warning on Take My Hand. I read a lot of reviews but didn’t see anything about that.

      I don’t like for my reading to be so slow.

  3. Beautiful picture Vicki. Yes, reviewing books is hard for me lately. When i do review, the reviews are getting shorter. I am behind on (4) right now. Take My Hand on audio was excellent. I hope you will like it.

    • What the heck is going on with so many people having trouble reading and reviewing books? Seems like since Covid hit that’s an issue with a lot of people. Some long time bloggers have even stopped blogging at all or rarely blog anymore. It’s very sad!

  4. Beautiful photo, Vicki!

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts about The Swimmers. I hope your reviewing slump ends soon.

    I’ve seen lots of people whose reading has been suffering and whose reviewing has been cut short and whose blogging has lagged behind. Perhaps it is all due to Covid.

    • I do think it is due to Covid, which is sad. Especially since most of us have more free time. I never thought my reading would slack off so much for so long.

  5. Yes, writing reviews has been a struggle. I just don’t feel like writing them and want to go on to the next book and then when I do write them, they have been short. It is funny how our reading and writing go in cycles.

    Your comment about favorite foods was interesting. I wouldn’t say my favorites have completely changed, but I wouldn’t say that the things I like to eat are as much of a favorite as they used to be.

    You are having very hot weather! Our weather will be heating up again this week. I hope your reading slump comes to an end soon!

    • Thanks for answering my question! I’m probably much older than you and it seems that’s what happens as you age.

      I hope your weather doesn’t get as hot as ours. When it’s really hot and humid it’s like stepping into a sauna when you step outside.

  6. 103d is definitely hot!!! We’re in the low 90s here in Seattle, which is VERY hot for a place where it’s rare for a home to have a/c. Usually it only lasts a couple weeks, but that feels like a long time when you’re baking every day!!!

    I’m still reading about the same pace I always have and it just takes so much time to do reviews and the other upkeep on the blog that I feel overwhelmed with it all sometimes. I still enjoy sharing my reviews, particularly when I love a book, but the reviews don’t always get done in a timely way. I guess blog readers don’t know how long ago I read the book, so ……. 🙂

    We all just do the best we can. Thanks for the visit.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  7. I’ve been a bit slow about reviewing and not reading as much as I would like. I’m hoping August will be a better month.

    I can’t think of many foods I used to like but don’t anymore. I still like pizza, Chinese and burgers. Although, as an adult, Mexican food has become a favorite.

    The Hillbillies meatloaf sounds interesting.

    I hope you have a great week!

  8. That is an incredible photo!

    There are some foods that I used to dislike a lot that I love now–cilantro, pickles, and avocado come to mind. I used to love hamburgers as a kid, but now I don’t like red meat at all and don’t eat it.I still like burgers, but turkey, chicken, bean, or veggie burgers are what I choose now.

    • Thanks shari! I’ve never liked cilantro (yuck) and have always loved dill pickle chips and avocado. Still love rad meat, turkey if it’s a baked whole one, chicken, and beans. Used to love spaghetti and chili but now can only eat a little bit.

  9. 103!!!
    Stay cool

    • I don’t go outside unless it’s early in the morning, late at night, from house to car, car to work/store and back. Or when my dog insists I take her out.

  10. Love that sky, have never seen one like that. Stay cool, Vicki.

  11. Oh, the heat there sounds awful! There are areas near Portland (OR) that have been suffering from a heat wave, but our temps on the coast remain very mild, thankfully.

    That’s a gorgeous photo of the sunlit clouds! And your crock pot bourbon chicken dinner sounds intriguing.

    • Seems a lot of place are having heat waves which is probably harder on them because they’re not used to it. If it wasn’t so hot in the summer here, we would think something was wrong. The older I get the less I can take it, especially the humidity.

  12. Your temps are not out of line with what we are having, but I do know that you likely have a lot more humidity than we do. Our lows are in the mid-low 70’s and because we are so dry, the air cools better at night. For now anyway.

    I understand about the reading and then reviewing. I say just do what you’d like. If you feel like writing a sentence or two about a book then it’s all good. If you just want to give us a list and say ‘I like all these’ – do that. My review writing comes and goes and you notice that I often take breaks or have. That’s usually when I don’t feel like writing reviews or am too busy for them.

    Eating differently – well, I do indeed eat a lot differently than I used to. Both my husband and myself. Partly due to losing weight and trying not to put all of it back on. Partly due to his heart issues and the advice that his cardiologist has given him. We don’t eat hardly any beef or pork anymore. Lower fat things. Lots of salads and veggies. No fried foods. We try not to eat many sweets or maybe just have dessert on one weekend night. My stomach doesn’t like higher fat or rich food anymore and it will let me know. Ha! And my tastes have changed. A lot of things don’t even sound good.

    Have a good week, Vicki!

    • Your temps sound perfect for me, and yes, our humidity makes it feel like you’re stepping into a sauna and I’m not a fan.

      Yes! That’s what I’ve been telling people when they mention how much my tastes have changed. Thing that used to be my favorites just don’t even sound good, so thanks for mentioning that! I do like soup and salads. I’ve been air frying or baking instead of frying in a skillet. Pizza used to be my favorite, I could have eaten it 2-3 times a week. Now the only pizza I like is from CiCi’s.

  13. That picture is incredible!! I am struggling with writing my reviews too…it’s like my brain has a hard time processing and putting into words what I want to say. Sigh. Have a great week!

    • I think I’m going to the advice of a few bloggers and just write a short review with my likes and dislikes of the books I need to review. That includes 5 from last year which I didn’t even think about until I was typing this. You have a good week too!

  14. Wow, great pic, Vicki! I’ve been reading suspense lately and will start a historical mystery this week – all pretty good. Slumps are so sad so I hope you are out of it soon. I tend to write brief and very basic reviews as soon as I finish reading. Otherwise its too easy to put them off and “forget” lol.

    • I think I’m going to the advice of a few bloggers and just write a short review with my likes and dislikes of the books I need to review. That includes 5 from last year which I didn’t even think about until I was typing this. I’m not a fan of historical fiction or non fiction at all, but one of my favorite top 3 books ever is Zoya by Danielle Steel which I read in July of ’88. It takes place during the Russian Revolution and World War I Europe. I love the book and plan on reading it again soon.

  15. It’s probably too dang hot for anyone to read and review books.

    Set a place for me on Hillbilly Meatloaf night! That sounds so good and I SUCK at making meatloaf (ends up all liquidy and falling apart)

    I still love all my favorite foods but now everything gives me heartburn. LOL

    That picture is amazing!

  16. Yeah what did you think of The Swimmers? I have it on my summer list but haven’t gotten to it. So I’m curious to know. As to your question: I think as a kid I was a big ice cream eater (almost everyday in California) but now later in life I don’t buy it and not sure why really. I think for dessert we eat stuff like rice krispy treats and such. Hmm. Enjoy your week.

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