Jun 252022

High is expected to be 88° before the humidity is factored in then it’s 96°, I realized my mistake after I got home and read my comments

Currently Reading…
Audio: Only have a 34 min. left of The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka
KindleThe Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride by Joe Siple
Print: Love Story by Erich Segal

Reviewed Last Week…
Love & Saffron: A Novel of Friendship, Food, and Love by Kim Fay

Review(s) Coming Up…
The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka

I watched A Winter Princess on Hallmark and it was so good! I’m a big fan of Chris McNally and snow and I loved the movie

In The Kitchen…
I’m moving everything in my kitchen around to make it easier to use. Everything is still where I put it when I moved and I’m not liking it anymore. One thing for example is that my silverware, plates, and bowls are on the opposite side of  the kitchen from the stove. I want them next to the stove.

New To Me Stuff:
The only things I’ve bought since my last pots & pan etc. splurge is new decals in the tub. The ones that were there started coming loose. My son said he’d buy a walk in shower and put it in but I’m fine with the tub/shower that’s there, just don’t want to be slip sliding around in it. I had a huge garden tub and a separate shower where I used to live and never, not once, used the tub in all the years we lived there, and I bought a set of Bamboo cutting boards which I really needed to replace the ones I’ve had for years, and I’m pretty sure I’m done for now.

Today’s To Do List…
Working then home to order some groceries for the week, read everyone’s SS post, catch up on FB, and watch a movie or two

Looking forward to…
Going to the beach!!! It’s been WAY TO HOT & HUMID to go the last few days I’ve had off

Question Of The Week…
What made you the most happy last week?

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Have I not commanded you? “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go”.
Joshua 1:9

From the camera…

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  43 Responses to “Sunday Salon: 6/26/22”

  1. I really like Julie Otsuka. I think I have read all of her books. My review:

    I hope you enjoy the rest.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. It’s only 82 there? It’s supposed to hit 100 here in So Cal on Sunday and Monday.

    • I put the wrong temp. so I updated it after I realized I’d done that. It’s supposed to be 88° but don’t know what it will be once the humidity is at it’s highest. It’s cloudy today so that’s why it’s cooler

  3. Your temps are ranging from 61 to 82? That’s fantastic. We are expecting (hoping? dreaming?) that rain will come tomorrow and cool things down here. It was 99 yesterday.

    I, like everyone else in the world, I think, read Love Story when it first came out. I can still see the book I owned. I wonder what you think of it after all these years.

    It’s good to rearrange things, to put things in more useful locations. We hope to do that after we get our new flooring in a couple of weeks.

    • Nope, I put the wrong temp in. When I got home and read my comments I realized it and put the correct temp in, 88° before the humidity is factored in. Don’t know where you saw 61°, it hasn’t been that in a very long time. It’s very cloudy today and that’s why it’s cooler.

  4. When my son starts school I need to do a tidy up of the house. As my partner does the cooking he might not appreciate me moving things around I also might get some TV in if I’m not too busy moving stuff around!

    It’s hot here for UK standards. I dislike hot weather so am not happy about it

    That’s a nice picture from the camera.

    Have a great week ahead!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    • This time of year is usually like walking into a sauna when you step outside but thankfully today it’s very cloudy so not as hot. I’m not a fan of the hot either.

      Thanks, I thought it was pretty so I took a picture 🙂

  5. Its been seasonally hot in Minnesota. I’ve been combating it the best we can and often find myself in conversations with ride-share clients about texas humidity since my bro lives there. Glad you are enjoying your week.

    • Florida is terrible for humidity, you feel it the second you step outside and your glasses fog up and you can’t see through them. My sister in law and her husband used to live in Texas and loved it there!

  6. Love Story is an oldie but goodie. I’m not familiar with Otsuka, will have to look her up. In Seattle we only just got our first days over 70 last week. This weekend it might reach 90, which is actually sort of unusual. Have a happy reading week (and stay cool!).

  7. I smiled when I saw you temp in FL. It was a high of 92 here yesterday and today too but, then it drops to high of 76 tomorrow – crazy weather. I read The Swimmers several months ago and I still think about that story as I know someone who is that obsessed about swimming — guess everyone seems to have a vice or obsession. Have a good week Vicki.

    • I put the wrong temp. in my post but have corrected it now. It’s still cooler today because of heavy clouds. I like it, not a fan of hot. Thanks, I hope you have a good week too.

  8. The thing that made me happiest this week was seeing one of my sisters for the first time in a year. Sh lives in Alaska and is in town to visit our mom and as much family as she can.
    The Hallmark movie sounds good!

    • How neat that you got to see your sister! I haven’t seen mine since the end of ’19. Had planned to go back in the fall of ’20 but COVID put and end to that. Hopefully soon, I want to see lots and lots of snow when we go back.

      I have NEVER seen a Hallmark movie or series that I didn’t love. It’s my go to if I want to watch something I know I’ll really enjoy.

  9. Getting back our bag of groceries that I left behind made me very happy. 🙂

  10. Solstice happened! It makes me VERY happy to know that each day there is a little less daylight!

  11. I’m happy that we are getting a break from the heat this week with highs only in the upper 80s this week. My fingers are crossed for rain that’s predicted for Tuesday. My garden really needs it. Check out my summer reading catch at Girl Who Reads.

    • I agree with you, I’m not a fan of the high heat and especially not a fan of the high humidity which makes it unbearable to step outside.

  12. I’m happy to escape the FL humidity while we are in CT… still in the 80s today, but at least the humidity is manageable. You’re right that it sometimes gets too hot and humid to even enjoy the beach – ugh! Hope you get a good beach day soon. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of The Swimmers.

    • With the humidity, it’s 96°, hotter than they expected. My review of The Swimmers will be posted in the next few days. I hope you’re having a great time in CT!

  13. I’ve been hearing good things about The Swimmers so look forward to seeing what you think of it.

    Rearranging your kitchen is so much work, but if it flows better for you it will surely be worth the trouble!

    • I’m sorting my thoughts out on The Swimmers before I post my review, it should be up in the next few days.

      Yes, it’s a lot of work but I’m not finished but I’m liking it better already.

  14. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by Impressions in Ink. I have another blog where I post Christian book reviews. http://wordsofrejoiceblog.wordpress.com

  15. I started the Swimmers, but might have to be in the mood to get back to it. Am only on the first page!

    • I can understand that, it is very different than anything I’ve read before. I’m still sorting through my thoughts of the book before I post my review.

  16. Rearranging things is something I like to do, but it stresses out family members. LOL This wonderful summer weather we are experiencing and having the grandkids over more makes me happy! Have a great week,

  17. We’re having the same temps here. We went to the pool last week, but it was so hot and really not comfortable. I’d love to go to the beach but it’s still too hot.

    Love & Saffron sounds good.

    I hope you have a great week!

  18. It’s definitely too hot to go to the beach unless I go very early or late. I hope I can go soon .

  19. I can never get my kitchen organized in a way that I like. I hope you have much better success!

    I don’t know about your beaches but I was really shocked when I first moved to L.A…I had imagined myself going to the beach ALL THE TIME, but by the time you walk across the huge parking lot and across the huge expanse of sand and finally get anywhere near the water, you’re hot and tired and then after you cool off and enjoy the day, by the time you slog back to the car and sit in traffic going back to the HOT San Fernando Valley where my apartment is, it totally WAS NOT WORTH IT. LOL Plus I sunburn in 30 seconds so being in the sun is not fun for me to begin with. Yah. I learned real fast that I’m more of a mountains girl than a beach girl…unless I’m ever rich enough to live ON the beach and can hire a Cabana Boy to get all my stuff set up and an icy cold drink ready for me and then I just walk 5 steps to my beach chair

    • LOL! I used to live in Monterey and I LOVED it! I lived across from PCH and went to the beach almost every day. I found a little tiny beach across from my house and there was very seldom anyone else there, and those times were only one or two people who didn’t stay very long. At night I could open the bay window in the living room and hear the waves. So calming! I’ve always wanted to move back. I’d want to live on the beach too, not across a busy highway although I LOVED it then.

      • Oh wow how amazing was THAT to live so close to the beach??? And to hear the waves from your own living room! Why in the world did you move???????????? lol

        • It was amazing! I’ve never been more at peace than during that time. We moved because my husband got discharged from the Army and I wanted to get back to Florida to be near my aging parents.

  20. I think reorganizing your kitchen after you’ve had a little time to use it makes such sense. You never really know where you want thigns to go until you’re in the middle of cooking! We are actually having a relatively low humidity day today! It’s still hot but it doesn’f feel like walking into a steam bath when you go out which is kind of nice. It’s only because we had storms yesterday so I’m sure it will come back with a vengeance. Hope you are having a great week!

    • I used to rearrange my LR furniture every little bit but I don’t do that anymore. I do like making my kitchen more efficient and then leaving it alone.

  21. I love having the kitchen organized! Makes life easier.

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