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The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People

The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People by Rick Bragg

Speck is not a good boy. He is a terrible boy, a defiant, self-destructive, often malodorous boy, a grave robber and screen door moocher who spends his days playing chicken with the Fed Ex man, picking fights with thousand-pound livestock, and rolling in donkey manure, and his nights howling at the moon. He has been that way since the moment he appeared on the ridgeline behind Rick Bragg’s house, a starved and half-dead creature, 76 pounds of wet hair and poor decisions.

Speck arrived in Rick’s life at a moment of looming uncertainty. A cancer diagnosis, chemo, kidney failure, and recurring pneumonia had left Rick lethargic and melancholy. Speck helped, and he is helping, still, when he is not peeing on the rose of Sharon.

First of all, I am a lifetime animal lover, especially dogs. Second of all, just look at how beautiful Speck is!

I’ve never read a book by this author before but when I saw the cover I fell in love with Speck and knew I would get a copy, which I did immediately.

This book was a 5* right from the beginning. I don’t think I could handle a dog like Speck, but I sure love him. It’s like he’s part dog, part rowdy boy. He sure keeps Bragg (and everyone else)  on his toes!

I don’t want to give away any of the story, but Speck gets into things. Lots of things. He has a mind of his own and does whatever pops into his head. And all he wants from Bragg or any of his other people is rubs, scratches, and food. All the foods!

This book is not only a great story about Speck that will give you all the feels, it’s about his people too.

Not only is Bragg the author, he also narrates it. I love his sense of humor, he is very funny! Now I want to read all his books, funny or not, I love the way he tells a story.

I laughed out loud many many times while listening to this book, and it was very much need!

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  20 Responses to “The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People by Rick Bragg”

  1. I totally agree with you about the cover. I would have picked this too just by that alone.. Ill be checking on its availability here. Sounds great!

  2. A book about a lovable dog that makes you laugh out loud? Sounds like a winner to me!

  3. This sounds like a good book for me right now. I am reading Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life With 600 Rescue Animals; Laurie Zaleski and, it is so good. I know you would enjoy it Vicki.

  4. Speck is a gorgeous handful–LOL

  5. Rick Bragg is a marvelous writer. I loved “All Over But the Shoutin'” and keep meaning to read it again. I had no idea he was so ill. I’ll have to give this new one a listen, since I love hearing Bragg speak. Great southern drawl!

  6. You convinced me, I have to read this book. I just checked and found that my library has it so I put it on hold. Thanks for bringing it to my atention!

  7. That sounds like an amzing book. I have such a soft spot for dog stories.

  8. Rick Bragg is a great writer. The book sounds like it might be worth checking out.

  9. I don’t do audios myself but I’ve heard of this title and wondered about it. Beautiful cover too! I would read this if given the chance.

    • I had trouble getting into audios because of some of the narrators, but one day I listened to one that had a great narrator and now most of my books are audio.

  10. I love Rick Bragg’s work. All the ones I’ve read are a mixture of humor and thoughtfulness. I can never decide if I prefer to read him in print or audio. I love his voice and accent (similar to mine when I’m at home–it fades a bit when I’m in public) but I like to take my time over his prose too. I haven’t read this one yet but it’s definitely on my radar. I’m happy to know that Speck is still getting in trouble. I really can’t read books where the animal dies!

    • This was my first Bragg book but I have more on my list to listen to. I love listening to him narrate but may try to do a combo of read/listen. It’s hard for me when an animal dies too. I’m a lifelong animal lover.

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