Nov 152021

1. Go On A Cruise: Mexico

2. Watch The Sun Rise And Set On The Same Day

3. Do Random Acts Of Kindness

4. Vacation At The Hotel At The Beach We Stayed For Vacations Growing Up

5. Decorate My Yard For A Holiday

6. Join A Book Club: Unforgettable Reads & Wanderlust & my Library

7. Take a trip to Key West

8. Spend Some Time In Ohio When There’s Snow

9. Leave Books I Own In Public Places For Someone Else To Find

10. Go Camping

11. Girls Weekend

12. Visit 5 New To Me Beaches

13. Create A Recipe Book Of Your Favorite Recipes

14. Buy A New Bike

15. Ride My Bike: 5 New To Me Trails

16. Take A Drive Along at least 2 Florida’s Scenic Highways

17. Visit 5 New To Me Towns

18. Plant A Tree

19. See a Broadway Show: (Wicked & Misery)

20. Go Camping

21. Go Bowling

22. Visit 5 Off The Beaten Path Attractions In Florida

23. Try Some New To Me Restaurants

24. Put A Jigsaw Puzzle Together

25. Climb To The Top Of A Lighthouse (St. Petersburg)

26. Attend A Few Concerts Of Bands I’ve Haven’t Seen Yet

27. Random Acts Of Kindness (fed a homeless man in NYC) (paid for the people behind me in a drive-thru) (donated to an animal shelter) (gave food to the needy) (ongoing)

28. Watch At Least 5 Classic Movies I’ve Never Seen

29. Take A Trip On A Train (from North Carolina to Florida)

30. Donate  books (ongoing)

31. Read 2 New To Me Classics

32. Visit A Winery (1 In St. Augustine, Florida, 2 In Mexico)

33. Play Mini Golf (Orlando & St. Augustine, Florida)

34. See A Birth (2 of my grandkids & many animals)

35. Do something crafty (my daughter and I each painted a butterfly picture)

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  16 Responses to “Bucket List (Updated 11/15/21)”

  1. That’s a fantastic bucket list. I hope you get to complete it all and what an adventure that would be.

  2. Good stuff on your list!

    I noticed the one about reading new-to-you classics. Weirdly enough, ever since last year I have been really into classics and not so much into more recent fiction. Thankfully, Project Gutenberg is there to keep my e-reader filled 🙂

    • I’ve enjoyed the classics that I’ve read and don’t know why I don’t read them more often. I haven’t been to Project Gutenberg for a while, I need to go look around again.

  3. I love your list, Vicki. Enjoy crossing items off!

  4. I love your list and what you’ve accomplished. When did you start the list?. I like the “random acts of kindness – I try to do that around the holidays but should do it more often.

    I never seriously thought of doing one as my life is pretty simple these days and don’t feel like there is anything I MUST do.

    • I started it at the end of 2015 but haven’t crossed anything off since the beginning of Covid. I don’t feel like there’s anything I must do, but growing up we did a lot of traveling, visiting different towns, doing a lot of outdoor things and activities and I loved everything we did. I still have that “want” to do things, especially since I mostly stayed home for 27 years to take care of my 3 kids, my disabled husband, his grandmother, and my parents (for 2 years). I still want to go to Japan because our trip got delayed in 2020.

      I’d like to go to the Grand Canyon, on a Serengeti safari, Alaska, Niagara Falls, and Roatan, Honduras, but I only added the things to the list that I think are more attainable right now.

  5. What a fun list! I wish you luck getting all of these crossed off!

  6. All of these sound good. I especially like the books ones & the bike ones! Biking is a favorite of mine. Go for it!! And have fun.

  7. An inspiring list! Many great ideas for all of us to consider.

  8. Oh what a wonderful list and I love seeing the progress you’ve made! I haven’t been to Key West in years but it’s on my list to go back and I want my husband to go too as he’s never been.

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