Nov 152021

1. Go On A Cruise: Mexico

2. Do Random Acts Of Kindness

3. Join A Book Club: Unforgettable Reads & Wanderlust & my Library

4. Leave Books I Own In Public Places For Someone Else To Find (ongoing)

5. Visit 5 New To Me Beaches

6. Buy A New Bike

7. See a Broadway Show: (Wicked & Misery)

8. Climb To The Top Of A Lighthouse (St. Petersburg)

9. Random Acts Of Kindness (fed a homeless man in NYC) (paid for the people behind me in a drive-thru) (donated to an animal shelter) (gave food to the needy)

10. Take A Trip On A Train (from North Carolina to Florida)

11. Donate  books (ongoing)

12. Visit A Winery (1 In St. Augustine, Florida, 2 In Mexico)

13. Play Mini Golf (Orlando & St. Augustine, Florida)

14. See A Birth (2 of my grandkids & my son’s hamster giving birth)

15. Do something crafty (my daughter and I each painted a butterfly picture)

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  16 Responses to “Bucket List I’ve Completed”

  1. That’s a fantastic bucket list. I hope you get to complete it all and what an adventure that would be.

  2. Good stuff on your list!

    I noticed the one about reading new-to-you classics. Weirdly enough, ever since last year I have been really into classics and not so much into more recent fiction. Thankfully, Project Gutenberg is there to keep my e-reader filled 🙂

    • I’ve enjoyed the classics that I’ve read and don’t know why I don’t read them more often. I haven’t been to Project Gutenberg for a while, I need to go look around again.

  3. I love your list, Vicki. Enjoy crossing items off!

  4. I love your list and what you’ve accomplished. When did you start the list?. I like the “random acts of kindness – I try to do that around the holidays but should do it more often.

    I never seriously thought of doing one as my life is pretty simple these days and don’t feel like there is anything I MUST do.

    • I started it at the end of 2015 but haven’t crossed anything off since the beginning of Covid. I don’t feel like there’s anything I must do, but growing up we did a lot of traveling, visiting different towns, doing a lot of outdoor things and activities and I loved everything we did. I still have that “want” to do things, especially since I mostly stayed home for 27 years to take care of my 3 kids, my disabled husband, his grandmother, and my parents (for 2 years). I still want to go to Japan because our trip got delayed in 2020.

      I’d like to go to the Grand Canyon, on a Serengeti safari, Alaska, Niagara Falls, and Roatan, Honduras, but I only added the things to the list that I think are more attainable right now.

  5. What a fun list! I wish you luck getting all of these crossed off!

  6. All of these sound good. I especially like the books ones & the bike ones! Biking is a favorite of mine. Go for it!! And have fun.

  7. An inspiring list! Many great ideas for all of us to consider.

  8. Oh what a wonderful list and I love seeing the progress you’ve made! I haven’t been to Key West in years but it’s on my list to go back and I want my husband to go too as he’s never been.

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