Oct 212021

Book Title:  Chipper Makes Merry by Kimber Fox Morgan
Category: Children’s Fictions (Ages 3-7)
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Simple Wonder Press, 34 pages
Release date:  October 2021
Content Rating:  Rated G – Suitable for All Ages

Book Description:

A “Mom’s Choice Award Winner”!

​Tip toe, tip toe, crackle, crunch!

​Chipper the Fox sneaks through the forest to spread cheer to his weary friends. Will his merry making be a success? Or will a smelly fish disaster and a log pile tumble ruin his plans?

“Chipper Makes Merry” takes you on Chipper’s arctic quest filled with lessons of love, kindness and determination.

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This is such a cute story with a very good message. These cute animals seem to be going through a tough winter and like a lot of people, they get sad during that time. They are cold, sometimes hungry because they can’t find food, etc. and just want the snow to end and the sun to shine.

Chipper the fox see’s his friends having a hard time and decides to do what he can to cheer them up. All of his ideas are great, but things don’t always go as planned. Still, his thoughtfulness is appreciated for the kindness Chipper has shown them.

The book is geared toward a reading age of 4 – 8 years, and I think that is appropriate for this book, although I do think that some children who are younger or older will love this book also.

The book is illustrated by Kim Sponaugle, and she did a great job!

About The Author

Morgan is a fun wife, and imperfect mom of 3 crazy kiddos and 2 little lemon (problematic) dogs. She tries to live her strengths the best she can. She likes to say she is creative, not crafty. Morgan is a homemade Halloween costume type of mom. She lets her kids mix the play doh. She bakes fun birthday cakes (cutely, but far from perfection). She loves a homemade valentine and a school project. Chipper the Fox is an extension of Morgan’s creative strength. Originally designed as character to create merry during the holiday season, Chipper has grown and developed into a story of determination and love.

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  14 Responses to “Book Review & Giveaway:
Chipper Makes Merry by Kimber Fox Morgan”

  1. That looks cute Vicki!

  2. That’s a cute book and a good idea for Christmas!

  3. Oh this looks sweet! It looks like a wonderful read aloud.

    I saw your comment on my favorites post! Too funny how many we have in common. I’m 100% in the weighted blanket camp though you can have my share of the caramel frappucinos!

  4. This looks like a fun book. I am starting back tutoring elementary school kids in reading and my favorite part is where I read to the child. I used to love reading to my son except I called it quits when he wanted Pokemon books. Too bad kid, you can read now, read them yourself cuz I don’t like them. Tough love, huh?

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