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Banned Books Week

September 26 to October 2

I plan on joining this year for the first time. I’m hoping this challenge will help me get these books read, they’ve all been on my tbr list for a while. I started Because of Winn Dixie a month or so ago but only got a few pages read. Johnny Got His Gun is a book I read in Jr. High and have never forgotten and have wanted to read again.

Because Of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo ~ Listen

Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo ~ Read

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck ~ Listen

Call Of The Wild by Jack London ~ Read/Listen

If you have read any of these, did you like them? Are you joining Banned Book Weeks?

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  20 Responses to “Banned Books Week”

  1. I read the Call of the Wild and liked it years ago probably pre high school. I saw it in a charity shop a few years ago and bought it. I want to read it again. Good luck with getting through your list.

  2. I’ve read Of Mice and Men a couple of times and liked it, but not as much as some of Steinbeck’s longer novels.

  3. I’ve only read Of Mice and Men and I really like it. It’s one of my favorites of his and I’ve read it a couple of times.

  4. That’s a good challenge. I’d like to read Call of the Wild. Why was that banned?

    • I didn’t know why it was banned so I Googled it and now I don’t want to read it. It was banned because of its violence, vulgar language, and sexually explicit content, but it has different versions for different ages.

  5. I liked both Of Mice and Men and Because of Winn Dixie. This is a great set of Banned Books to read this week. I look forward to seeing what you think of them.

  6. I’ve read Of Mice and Men and enjoyed it and I’ve read another book by Kate DiCamillo and really loved it. I never realized Because of Winn Dixie was ever banned! Enjoy your reads.

  7. I haven’t read any of these but would like to read them. I am currently reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and so far it’s really good. Hope you enjoy these as you celebrate the freedom to read!

  8. I read the Steinbeck and London books in school (a long time ago) – so good!

    • I can’t remember much about the other books I read in school other than Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I’ve never forgotten Johnny Got His Gun. I still can’t believe it was a Jr. High read. It was a good book but was about a horrible thing that happened to a man during war. And was when the Vietnam war was going on and my brother in law was over there. I was so worried about him after reading the book and have never gotten it out of my head.

  9. I’ve not read any of these other than Johnny Got His Gun, but like you, it was when I was a kid. I have never read Steinbeck. I think I started one once and didn’t care for it so set it aside, but I don’t know which one that was. Pretty sure we have Travels with Charley, which a friend gave us a couple years ago, but I haven’t read it yet.

    • Johnny Got His Gun was required reading when I was in Jr. High and it stuck with me all these years because it was during the Vietnam war and my brother in law was there fighting. Scared me to think something like that could happen to him. I think it was more than kids at that age needed to be reading, especially during that time.

  10. Vicki,
    I have read Of Mice and Call of the Wild, many years ago. So many books have been banned in the past!

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