Sep 112021

The other day I had to go take a test at work and decided I’d go to the park when I was done. As soon as I parked I saw something flying toward me and land right beside my car. Probably looking for some food but I didn’t have anything.

Saturday’s Critters

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  1. Hello Vicki

    Neat sighting of the Wood Stork! I hope it is finding food. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. Impressive sighting! I would love to see a big stork so close to me

  3. What a cool visitor!

  4. What a surprise to greet you!

  5. What a beautiful bird! Lucky you!

  6. I love spotting wood storks! Lucky you!

  7. That’s an odd looking bird (to me anyway).
    It seems to me that zoos attract a wide variety of birds to them.

    • I don’t remember ever seeing a Wood Stork at our local city park before, but I may have. It’s been a about a month since I’ve been there and most of the time the birds are down a way from the parking lot, at the water.

  8. Large birds kind of spook me. Ever since a peacock chased my daughter and I, while she was in a stroller I’ve been cautious around birds.

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