Sep 042021

It’s been hot with high humidity and rainy on and off

Current Reads…
Audio: That Night by Chevy Stevens
Print: 97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement by Jan Ziegelaman
Kindle: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

Upcoming Reviews…
Spud #1 & Spud #2/Tornado by C. T. Raye, and Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood

Reviewed Last Week…
The Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs: Punk’s Plight by Dr. Hope A. Walter, EdD

I watched Big Brother, HGTV, and a few movies (my favorite was CODA, you should check it out)

Meal Plan…
Baked Chicken Tenders, Brussels Sprouts, Glazed Carrots, Applesauce
Stuffed Sausage, Baked Beans & Coleslaw
Applewood Smoked Bacon Pork Loin Filet, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Bacon, Eggs, Toast
Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Coleslaw

To Do…
I’ll be working until about noon and then I’ll spend the day reading & watching tv

Looking forward…
Either going on a few day trips with my youngest son in a few months, or going to Key West, depends on Covid

Do you make a meal plan or just buy whatever grabs your attention when you shop?

A Favorite Bible Verse…
For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, And his ears are open unto their prayers: But the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.
1 Peter 3:12

From the camera…

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  37 Responses to “Sunday Salon: 9/5/21”

  1. We’re having the same weather that you are. I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  2. I saw the movie version of “Because of Win DIxie” a long time ago. Is it a good book?

    best… mae at

  3. Pretty photo!

    I usually make a meal plan for about 5 days and keep it flexible if I’m not in the mood to cook one night. I always have chicken and shrimp in the freezer, so I can defrost those quickly for a quick meal (grilled chicken or shrimp & orzo), if I don’t want to stick to my meal plan.

    • I like meal planning but sometimes I don’t stick to it. I keep a backup too, and sometimes I decide to eat out or just eat whatever. A few nights ago I ate yogurt with fruit and walnuts in it.

  4. We sit down every weekend and plan out the week’s meals so that we can then only buy what we need to buy when we do the week’s shopping.

  5. It’s cooling down up north thank goodness. Enjoy your reading and viewing today!

  6. Interesting question! I have to make a plan when I shop. I don’t have the money to be spontaneous. Maybe someday I’ll be rich enough to walk into a store and put whatever I want in the cart. Have a great week!

    • Your statement “put whatever I want in the cart” reminded me of taking the kids shopping with me when they were little. My two sons would put ice cream, cookies, etc. in the cart and my daughter would put dry split green peas.

  7. So many of our plans depend on Covid, too. Sure hope things turn around in FL soon and you can go on your trip to Key West.

    I’m a meal planner and list maker. I usually plan four meals, but keep the nights flexible. Like Les, I always keep boneless chicken breasts and shrimp in the freezer. They’re great for quick, easy meals. I usually also plan some kind of soup, quiche, or salad to prepare and have on hand for lunches.

    Have a good week, Vicki!

  8. Hi Vicki, I hope you can take your road trip to Key West. We’d like to hit Vermont or New Hampshire soon. I don’t love to cook and we usually only eat 2 meals a day – breakfast and either a later lunch or early dinner. We do eat out about 2-3x a week or get take out instead. Other meals consist mostly of things like chicken breasts, turkey breast and veggies or with a pasta dish. The same is true for shrimp and pasta or rice with veggies. I like to grill shrimp as well. We also do salmon, occasional meat loaf, and filets now and then. I don’t eat much meat and neither of us eat pork but, the hub likes it – he also eats burgers (so I’ll have a veggie burger then). Of course we do plenty of salads in the summer when veggies are local.

    • I usually only eat lunch and supper, but sometimes I just eat cereal, yogurt, or salad for one or the other. I have been know to eat popcorn for supper.

  9. 97 Orchard sounds interesting, Vicki! It is so fun to have a trip to look forward to. My husband and I are planning a road trip to Utah to see our youngest son at the beginning of October.

    I use a monthly meal plan that I have put together. I adjust it a little for the seasons. For example, in spring and summer I add grilling and for fall/winter I take out the grilling and add soups. I use this as a guide. It helps me not have to think about dinner, but it is flexible. If spaghetti is on the menu and I would rather have something else I do. I love seeing your meal plans. They give me inspiration!

    Have a good week!

    • When my husband was alive and the kids were at home I would only shop once a month. I liked going to a meat market and stocking up. Then I’d just have to take something out of the freezer for the next day and figure out what sides I wanted. It made things so much easier.

  10. You are the second person to recommend CODA so I’ve got to put it on my watch list.

    When the pandemic started, I did all the shopping and wasn’t willing to go more than once a week so we started making weekly meals plans every Friday night for my Saturday morning shopping. We’ve stuck to it and it (mostly) works. And it makes grocery shopping WAY easier.

  11. I don’t make a specific meal plan, but sometimes we decide we feel like having a certain thing and I’ll add the stuff for that to the shopping list. I do always have a list. I check to see what’s on sale–grocery stores here almost all have fresh produce specials (Super 6 or 7 depending on the store) every week with deep discounts, so if there are things we use there, I will get them and plan to use them. I’m very much of an improv cook, so don’t really follow recipes. I just put simple stuff together based on what I have. I keep the basics on hand–fruit and veg, nuts, whole grains (like oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta), canned and dried beans, some canned fish, eggs, cheese, various herbs and spices, and sometimes chicken, and work from there. At the moment, I am having to adjust because there is no freezer in our new place and no oven. I don’t care about the oven–we got an air fryer and I would have used that as an oven anyway because of the energy savings. I do miss the freezer, but we’ll see how we get on. If we feel we really need one, we can get a mini freezer to use for frozen fruit and veg.

    Enjoy your free time after work!

    • I don’t really check the grocery store ads, I just get what is on my list. I’ve been mostly ordering and having the groceries delivered since Covid hit, and I like it.

  12. I can only grocery shop on the weekend so I MUST meal plan. I wish I could get myself to meal plan for the MONTH like some people do, but I have a short attention span so a week’s worth of meals is all I can deal with planning for.

    I wondered about Coda. Glad to hear it’s good. Might have to check it out.

    We’re lucky that our humidity has finally dropped so we’re not dying. The cat has been out on the catio allllll day. lol Hope you get some relief soon!

    • I used to plan meals and shop for a month when I was cooking for 6 people but now it’s down to 2 so it’s easier to do it by the week.

      CODA is really good, at least I thought so.

      Our cats won’t go outside, they’re scaredy cats 🙂

  13. We are still in lockdown so there is nothing that can be planned. I do not want to anticipate what I will do once we open up as that may lead to disappointment again. Just holding on. Stay safe and well.

  14. Fingers crossed on the trip! I hope you take photos when you do go.
    I always make a list unless we are about out of everything I need a one night meal, then I breeze through Publix and grab chicken and veggies.

    Your meal plan sounds good.

    • The way things are going we may just do a few day trips, but time will tell. I’ve been ordering Publix to be delivered since Covid. I may even keep doing that after this is over.

  15. I love your beach photo. We are headed there the day after tomorrow.
    Going to be isolating, masking, and enjoying it.

    • Going to the beach is my favorite thing to do. I know a few that there are only a handful of people any time I’ve ever been to them, even way before Covid hit.

  16. I bet you are looking forward to going on some day trips soon. Me, too. I sure hope Covid finally slows and settles down.

    I plan meals for two weeks at a time, just like I did when my sons were young. I plan a meal to last two days, and I allow for one night a week when we might order takeout.

    • I hope it’s over soon too. I miss seeing family members 🙁

      I try to make a few meals that will last two days too. Usually spaghetti, chili, soup/stew, or casseroles.

      We usually order out at least one night a week.

  17. We were just talking about Key West! I’d love to go back at some point soon. I need to try some of the recipes you shared I’ve been dragging when it comes to cooking and not wanting to cook anything. I hope you’re having wonderful week!

  18. Love the photo, it’s a beauty!

  19. With it being just the two of us now, I don’t meal plan but I only buy stuff for a couple of meals since takeout is easier. Sometimes, even cheaper. My grocery market has really gone up in price.

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