May 102021

June 1st – September 1st
Choose 20 books(or 15 or 10) you want to read

Cathy says:
Want to swap a book? Go for it.
Fancy changing your list half way through? No problem.
Deciding to drop your goal from 20 to 15? (or even 10) Iā€™m fine with that.

  1. Before the Kids and Mortgage by Eyal N. Danon
  2. P.S. I Hope This Finds You by Chanel Hardy
  3. Float Plan by Trish Doller
  4. The First Ten Years by Joseph Fink & Meg Bashwiner
  5. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
  6. Pure Joy by Danielle Steel
  7. The Invisible Husband Of Fricke Island by Colleen Oakley
  8. Seven Perfect Things by Catherine Ryan Hyde
  9. Reel to Reel by Isla Grey
  10. Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The Complete Edition by Richard Bach


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  22 Responses to “20 Books Of Summer 2021”

  1. Wonderful to have a list in mind for summer reading! I will “check out” some of these books as many are new to me.

    • These are either the books in my tbr stack at home, in Audible, or books that I saw lately that I want to read. I got a copy of #19 from the library but it had to go back before I even started it. Hopefully I get all of the books read during the challenge.

  2. Good luck with this challenge. I’ve gathered up my 20 and will share those titles later this week. June will be here before we know it, right?!

  3. Nice to be systematic with a list.

  4. I’m going to do this as well and hope to post my list for the weekend. Hope you love what you read.

  5. Yay!! You are doing it! Good luck with your list. I want to read that Henry book too.

    • I can’t wait to start that one. I don’t think I’m reading books in the order listed, some I want to read sooner than others.

  6. I love how flexible this challenge sounds and you have such a great looking list of books!

  7. Hope you love most of the books on your list!

    Our library is open again as of tomorrow and requests are now enabled on the nationwide library system, so my summer reading list is unknown at the moment, since I have no idea what books I will feel like reading and/or which ones will be discovered, found and requested from the library. Yay! šŸ™‚

    • That’s great news, I love my library system! The good thing about this challenge is that you can decrease the number of books if you want and swap books too. Don’t know if I will but it’s good to know I can if I decide to.

  8. I also have People We Meet on Vacation on my TBR shelf. I look forward to seeing what you think of these 20 books. Maybe I’ll do this as well.

  9. I’m tempted to join in on this one! I hope you have tons of fun with this project. I didn’t know about the Magnolia book. I’ve enjoyed their show on HGTV and one of these days I want to check out the silos in Waco which is only about a 3 hour drive from where I live. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy all of your reads!

    • I hope you decide to join the challenge. I probably won’t get all 20 read but I’m going to try.

      I love HGTV and have been watching it since it started in ’94. I’d love to visit Waco sometime! If you go, please take lots of photos and share them on your blog. I’d love to see them!

      I hope you have a great week!

  10. Float Plan and People We Meet on Vacation are perfect for summer, I think. Good luck!

    I’m hoping to read twenty of my 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up. Here’s my list:

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