Apr 282021
Lost, Found, and Forever

Lost, Found, and Forever by Victoria Schade

Justine Becker could not be more in love with her rescue dog, Spencer. He’s her best friend and “colleague” at her dog supply store, Tricks & Biscuits, in upstate New York. When she discovers a heartbreaking social media post trying to locate a dog that looks suspiciously like Spencer, Justine realizes that her beloved pup might actually belong to someone else.

Her worst fears are realized when she and Spencer meet up with Brooklyn-based Griffin McCabe, and he wants Spencer back. He claims he is the dog’s rightful owner, and has the paperwork to prove it. But Justine refuses to roll over and let him take Spencer without a fight.

It’s not easy juggling Spencer’s burgeoning new career as a dog actor, along with the demands of her life upstate, all while constantly trying to prove she’s a better pet parent than Griffin. Their not-so-friendly competition teeters on the edge of flat-out hate, so when romantic feelings for Griffin catch Justine off guard, she needs to determine if it’s all part of his plot to win the pup back, or if the guy who was good enough for Spencer might also be good enough for her.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE animals, especially dogs, with cats following right behind. This book was such a fun read!

Justine rescues a dog and names him Spencer. After a year of her owning him, her friend shows her a social media post she found of a man who is searching for a dog that he lost, and the dog looks just like Spencer. She really just wants to ignore the whole thing but her conscience gets the best of her so she contacts Griffin, the man who lost the dog.

When they meet in the park, Spencer goes nuts trying to get to the man who is a little way away from them, so Justine knows that he is the dogs former owner. Circumstances arise that makes it convenient for them to keep seeing each other and in doing so, Griffith and Spencer, who is Leo to him, get to spend some time together. Along the way Justin & Griffin start to have feelings for each other but then life throws a wrench in that. There are things that happen in this book that I have never read before in a book about a dog, such as Spencer getting a job as an actor in a movie. This book was so exciting that I was listening as fast as I could. This book would make a great movie!

It will definitely be going on my Favorite Books of 2021

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  23 Responses to “Lost, Found, and Forever by Victoria Schade”

  1. Sounds like a great read, will have to check the library. Thanks Vicki!

  2. This does sound interesting. Wow. I would die if my pup ended up being a lost pup. I got my pup from the pound but she was turned in by a young girl. Not sure what I would do in that situation. Tough.

    • I rescued Kaiyo who was a puppy mill survivor. I can’t imagine losing her. It would put me over the edge!

      I can’t imagine anyone not keeping the Otto Pup, she is one of the cutest dogs ever!

  3. Sometimes when listening to an audiobook I am so eager to find out what happens, I wish I could just read it instead, because I could read it faster than I can listen 🙂

    • I know what you mean. If I’m listening to the audiobook on an app I always speed it up. It always seems they are reading the book too slow.

  4. Animal books are so wonderful and I always cry in them, whether for happy or sad reasons!

  5. Me too, but I LOVE reading about animals. I just don’t like when one gets hurt or worse.

  6. This sounds like a good one. I love a good dose of animal stories and if by chance I’m reading a book where an animal is harmed – it’s a DNF for me. I often have stronger feelings about animals than I do about some people.

    • It is good, and Spencer isn’t harmed. I often have stronger feelings about animals than I do people too because can be more vicious than most animals.

  7. Sounds such a good read.

  8. I really enjoyed this book. It’s the second I’ve read by the author and I’ll be on the lookout for her next one!

  9. Vicki,
    This does sound very good, and it does sound like movie material! Great review!

  10. Oooo, that would be a tough situtaion. To find out the rescue dog you love has another home and the dog loves the previous owner. Sounds great!

  11. Oh this sounds cute! I haven’t read about a dog going into the movie industry either so I think I would enjoy this.

  12. Looks like a cute one – especially the cover!

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