Apr 132021

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Lost, Found, and Forever

Lost, Found, and Forever by Victoria Schade

Justine Becker held the base of  the food-long oblong pink dog toy in her fist, like she was swishing at her employee. Her dog, Spencer, dropped into a play bow at her feet with a tongue-lolling grin, ready to give the new product a test-drive.

Not sure I would have wanted to read this book just based on the first paragraph, but when I read the synopsis I definitely wanted a copy! I have just over an hour left and am pretty sure I know how it will end and am excited to see how if I’m right.

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  20 Responses to “First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros/Teaser Tuesday:
Lost, Found, and Forever by Victoria Schade”

  1. That pup looks too cute! Hope this ended being a fun read for you!

  2. Oh, I want to read more of these books where dogs feature. This looks so much fun. Hope you enjoy the rest!

    Thanks for popping by to my blog. xx

  3. Such an adorable cover and title–an irresistible book!

  4. Vicki, I haven’t been blogging much lately. I hope you’re doing well.
    Dog stories can be so wonderful! My dog loves to play fetch with her toys.

    • I miss seeing your post but I know a lot of people who haven’t been blogging since early last year. My dogs favorite toy is a monkey..

  5. What a cute cover! Sounds good.

  6. Great snippet. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  7. I hope this one won’t make me cry! Dogs get me going every time.

    I wanted to thank you and send a virtual hug for your kind words & support for Loki. You are an animal lover I want you to know I appreciate you very much. He’s a work in progress but I love him. Hoping I’m driving the Karma bus for whoever did the unkind cruel things that were done to him. He’s learning to trust now. Thank you, Vicki xo

    • This won’t make you cry, it’s a very good, fun book. Spencer is adorable.

      You’re very welcome Tina! Loki is very Blessed to have you for a mom.

      I’ve loved animals since I was a tiny kid, I’m mush when it comes to them, especially dogs. I think the years and level of abuse a dog goes through determines the time recovery takes. My heart breaks for any animal or human who experiences abuse. I think anyone who harms a baby, the elderly, disabled, or animal is the lowest kind of human being.

      • You are just The Best! I agree with you on your comment and I think it will take him time. We need to get him x-rayed but I think he had a break that didn’t heal properly. That means his arthritis will bother him in later years. He knows nothing but love and a spoiled life now.

        • Oh no, I hope if he does have an unhealed break that it won’t cause him a lot of pain. There are things you could give him to ease his pain though. On the flip side of what I said in my last comment, I think people who adopt/rescue animals (and children) that have been abused are the very best kind of people. That makes you The Best too! ♥

  8. I miss having a dog, they are so eager to play 🙂 Since you have the copy, I’ll be waiting for the review ^^

  9. The cover and adorable pup alone would make me want to try this one.

    • I clicked on the link for the book without even reading what the book was about, because of the dog. Then I read the synopsis and was sold!

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