Apr 122021
Love, Clancy: A Dog's Letters Home

Love, Clancy: A Dog’s Letters Home by Richard Glover

The new audiobook from the best-selling author of Flesh Wounds, heartfelt and hilarious, Love, Clancy is an audiobook for anyone who has ever tried to imagine what their dog was thinking.

Human beings often write about their dogs, but the dogs don’t usually get a right of reply. In Love, Clancy, Richard Glover has collated the letters sent by Clancy to his parents in the bush. They are full of the young dog’s musings about the oddities of human behaviour, life in the big city and his own attempts to fit in.

You’ll meet Clancy as a puppy, making his first attempt to train his humans, then see him grow into a mature activist, demanding more attention be paid to a dog’s view of the world. Along the way, there are adventures aplenty, involving robotic vacuum cleaners, songs about cheese, trips to the country, stolen legs of ham – all told with a dog’s deep wisdom when it comes to what’s important in life.

This book was an adorable twist on most books about a dog, in that Clancy was writing letters to his mom and dad. Yes, you read that right. The dog was writing letters!

I lost track of the number of times I laughed out loud while listening to this. Clancy’s view on humans, the things they do, and the “things” in the world are hilarious. While I was listening to this book I often wondered what my dog was thinking about the things going on in our house, about her 2 cat sisters, about me, and all the noises from outside that make her tilt her head and/or run to me or under my desk. I know a lot of times she’s wondering what that noise was. She definitely doesn’t like loud noises and neither do my cats.

This book is fun from the beginning to the end. It’s a book I will listen to again, and maybe again. It was the “made you laugh” book I was wanting due to all the bad goings on for the last year.

Now I’m wondering how long it will take me to teach my dog to write.

The book is narrated by the author and he did a great job!

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  12 Responses to “Love, Clancy: A Dog’s Letters Home by Richard Glover”

  1. That was a great and funny book. I wish I had the audio version, it sounds interesting.

  2. This sounds quite entertaining. Years ago I listened to an audio book that I so enjoyed, I just looked it up and may want to revisit it sometime. Have you listened to this one?

    I Thought You Were Dead; Pete Nelson

  3. I adored this book!

  4. I often wondered what my dog was thinking! This sounds like a fun read.

  5. I have a couple of Audible credits to burn and I think I’m going to use one of them on this one! This sounds like just the perfect listen for right now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This sounds like great fun! Who doesn’t love a dog book?!

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