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Book Details:
Book Title:  Mia and Nattie – One Great Team by Marlene M. Bell
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  32 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Ewephoric Publishing
Release date:   October 3, 2020
Content Rating:  G for everyone. Family based book for all ages.

Book Description:
Nattie’s mouth was a little crooked. Her legs were a bit shorter
than usual, and one horn was too straight, like a unicorn’s horn. But
Mia thought Nattie was perfect. In a read-aloud picture book for
children who love animals, award-winning writer and sheep breeder
Marlene M. Bell presents Nattie the lamb’s true story. MIA AND NATTIE is
a heartwarming book that teaches readers about problem-solving,
teamwork, and love. On a visit to her grandma’s farm, eight-year-old Mia
discovers a newborn, orphaned lamb outside in the cold and takes her to
the laundry room, naming her Nattie. As she tries to nurse the lamb
back to health, Mia discovers that Nattie is different from the other
lambs and struggles to fit in with them like Mia does with other kids
her age. When her grandmother says she will sell Nattie to a neighbor,
Mia must come up with a plan to keep her friend around—one that will
show the family just how special Nattie truly is.

Mia And Nattie is such a sweet book. When a little lamb is born early, her mom doesn’t have any milk to feed her. So Mia decides to bottle feed her and names her Nattie. She is hoping she can keep the little lamb alive and help her grow. Nattie is really small like Mia, plus her legs are shorter than they should be, one horn is straight, and her mouth a bit crooked.

At first Mia isn’t sure if she will succeed in helping Nattie, but soon enough the lamb starts growing, and as time passes they develop a special bond. But then Mia’s grandmother wants to sell Nattie to a neighbor. Mia pleads with her to let her stay with them, and when she shows her grandmother just how helpful Nattie is with the other sheep, her grandmother says she can stay with them.

The message in the book is that no matter your size, if you put your mind to something and do your best, anything is possible.

The book is illustrated by Grace Sanford and she did an awesome job!

This is a perfect book for children.

I received a free copy of this book for this tour
My thoughts are my honest opinion


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Meet the Author:
Marlene M. Bell is an award-winning writer, artist, and crazy
sheep lady who resides in beautiful East Texas. Her renown sheep
photographs grace the covers of many livestock magazines where she also
writes newsy articles about raising sheep from her hands-on experience.
Marlene offers the first of her children’s picture books, Mia and
Nattie: One Great Team which is based on true events from the Bell’s
ranch. It’s a touching story of compassion and love between a little
girl and her lamb. Marlene shares her life with her husband and
dreadfully spoiled horned Dorset sheep: a large Maremma guard dog named
Tia, and cats, Hollywood, Leo, and Squeaks. The cats believe they rule
the household—and do.

connect with the author:  website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ goodreads

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Mia and Nattie – One Great Team by Marlene M. Bell”

  1. That video is so lovely and yes, the story looks sweet, I like the beginning. I wish my daughters were smaller so I could read it to them – I don’t think it will work the same way now but as a librarian, it’s always good to hear of such books ^^

  2. All I can say is that I hope Nattie does not get sold!

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