Jan 212021

Skywatch Friday

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  1. You captured a bunch of birds!!

  2. Oh look at all the birds! It looks like they’re looking for food or a bit of a Hitchcock movie!

  3. So much motion in this photo!

  4. I wonder what birds are in the picture. Are they all the same sort or different? They seem to be rejoicing over the brilliant sky, in any case.

  5. What a sight! I love birds and watch our regualrs and visitors from other areas every day. Which reminds me, I need ot buy more seed.

    Thank you for your comment about dog adoption. We are trying. Yetserday we were at a shelter and the dog we wanted tried to bite Doug and then went after another dog! We did not adopt yesterday but are plugging along.

    • Some dogs have been through so much abuse from people/other dogs that they are terrified of them. It would take a lot of patient to get the dog to trust you. I don’t know if I could handle that.

      A woman in Georgia had 350 dogs in her house (she ran a puppy mill) and someone reported her. The dogs were all taken to animal shelters and Kaiyo ended up in Sarasota, Florida. That’s where I found her. She is so loving, which surprises me since all she ever knew from people was abuse and neglect. I guess she’s very thankful that she has someone to love her and be kind.

      I hope you find the perfect dog for you and Doug. It took me looking every weekend for 4 months and revisiting all the shelters within 100 miles of us. But it was so very worth it.

  6. I like the shapes of the tower and lamp post on either side with all the birds in between–great photo!

  7. I just seen a bunch of bird flying together, barely got my camera ready to fire but got one photo. I just held it up and pointed to the sky. 🙂 I like yours, it’s perfect.

  8. I love the stark black against the sky.

  9. Nice capture. I wonder how to explain that bird behavior, and what kind of birds they are? They look large, almost like vultures.

  10. Crows ? I can almost hear them ! And meanwhile, home, we had rain and wind 😉

  11. Awesome picture!

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