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Neighbors by Danielle Steel

Chapter 1
The massive stone mansion was hot even in the basement as Debbie Speck bustled around the large efficient kitchen putting away the groceries that her husband Jack had just brought in. He was perspiring profusely. He was forty-four years old, somewhat overweight with balding dark hair and always reeked of aftershave that covered the faintly boozy smell of the cheap scotch he kept in his room and drank at night. It came through his pores the next day, when he exerted himself. Debbie usually joined him with a drink or two at night. She preferred gin and tonic or vodka she kept in the freezer in the basement apartment where their employer, Meredith White, never ventured. She respected their privacy which was ideal for them. Debbie was also heavy and dyed her hair blond herself.


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  14 Responses to “First Chapter, First Paragraph, Tuesday Intros/Teaser Tuesday: Neighbors by Danielle Steel”

  1. I used to know someone who smelled like gin all the time.

    Hope you’re enjoying the book!

  2. I have this one on my list to read. Looks good.

    • I used to buy EVERY book by Steele as soon as it was released. I bought Zoya when it first came out in in 1987 even though I’m not a historical fiction fan at all, just because it was written by her. Thought I wouldn’t like it but I LOVED it and it’s still in my top 3 favorite books of all time.

  3. I’ve read my share of Danielle Steel novels over the years. I haven’t read this one, but it sounds like a good one.

    • This book was just released today. I read all of her books for many years but for some unknow to me reason stopped. Now I want to get back into reading them.

  4. Never read any Danielle Steel books but this one sounds interestin.

  5. I have been noticing this book! I haven’t read this author in ages…but I loved the descriptions in the excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good intro paragraph – haven’t read this author in years.

  7. This sounds interesting and I haven’t read Danielle Steel in ages. I’m not disposed to like Jack I don’t think. The smell of cheap Scotch in a hot room just sounds revolting!

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