Dec 132020

Right now it’s 79° (82°  is the feel like temp. due to humidity)

Christmas at the Little Cottage by the Sea by Rachel Griffiths

Listening To…
Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

Books Reviewed Last Week…
This Is The Earth by Deedee Cummings
In The Nick Of Time by Deedee Cummings

Fisherman’s Friend, it was very very good,  5*

In The Kitchen This Week…
One Pan Mexican Chicken and Rice
Salmon Patties, Coleslaw, Fries
Texas Toast Pizzas
Copycat Panera® Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Skillet Chicken Cordon Bleu w/noodles

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;
Romans 12:12

From the camera…

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  16 Responses to “The Sunday Salon: 12/13/20”

  1. The photo is spectacular, I guess that it is some sort of fungus or something.
    I love your verse. It’s a keeper. As they all are I guess.
    I love the amount of reading you are doing.

  2. Your weather sounds ideal. We had a big storm come through yesterday that brought wind and rain and cooler temps.

    I bet that copycat Panera recipe was delicious. Panera is one of our favorite places to visit (in normal times).

    Glad you enjoyed your movie so much.

    Wonderful verse.

    • Thanks Deb! I like going to Panera too. I haven’t been inside for about a year but I have gone through the drive through. I decided to try making the soup myself. It’s very easy to make.

      The movie was really good! I just loved it!

      That Bible verse struck me as very important for the current going on’s.

  3. What a perfect verse for this past year! I miss that warm weather, it will be a couple of months before I can get back down to it, gotta help the grandkids as they are homeschooled right now.

    • That’s what I thought about the verse when I first read it! We had a few days of cooler weather and my car even had frost on it one morning, but now it’s pretty warm again. My granddaughter decided she wanted to go back to school this year since it’s her senior year. My grandson didn’t want to go back so he’s homeschooling.

  4. I’ve niver seen mushrooms like these, very interesting. It makes for a nice image.
    Enjoy your day and new week.

  5. The menu sounds wonderful! Yum to all of it!

    Love the mushroom pic!

  6. What a crazy looking mushroom! I envy you your nice weather! It was 42 degrees when I walked out this morning and I somehow read the weather wrong and already packed up all my coats/jackets! I’m going to be relying on cardigans and just sprinting anytime I have to go outside. Have a great week!

    • Mushrooms grow in my yard in that spot every year around this time and in two other spots but that is always the biggest group.

      We’ve had a few cold mornings and one with frost which is just wrong for living in Florida. I hope you stay warm with just cardigans.

  7. My neighbor’s yard has a mushroom like the one you captured but darker. My pup is always trying to step on it.

    That chicken/rice dish looks pretty tasty. I tend to like chicken and rice recipes.

    Your weather! Wow. Warm. It’s 54 right now and might get a smidge warmer but not by much. I am waiting to take the pup out because she is so tiny and it’s just too cold for her even with a sweater.

    • My dog doesn’t go near those things lol!

      I love chicken and rice recipes too, really anything with chicken.

      It’s 75° today and supposed to be 79° tomorrow, but then Thursday it’s supposed to be 61°. I need to buy my dog a sweater or coat. She gets cold really fast when we take her outside.

  8. 79 degrees?! That’s amazing. I hope you have a great reading week.

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