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Book Title:  The Goose on the Roof by Sarah Sommer
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  40 pages
Genre:  Picture Book
Publisher:  Sarah Sommer
Release date:   January 2020
Format available for review:  print (USA), gifted Kindle
Tour dates: Oct 19 to Nov 13, 2020
Content Rating:  G. Children’s picture book with no adult topics or language

Content Rating: G. Children’s picture book with no adult topics or language

When one little girl tries to solve a big problem involving a goose on her roof, she enlists the help of her animal friends. Despite her best efforts, things don’t go as planned, and she ends up with additional challenges to navigate as well. The Goose on the Roof features rhymes, animal characters, and a theme of problem-solving. The order of the characters can serve as a memory game as the story builds up and unwinds. Children may also be encouraged to come up with their own ideas for how to solve the issue of the honking goose on the roof and the predicaments created by the other animals. Winner (1st place) of the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in the animals/pets category (ebook), this children’s story highlights animals in a wholesome and engaging way.

There is a  Goose On The Roof of a little girls house and it just won’t stop honking. Honk, honk, honk, honk! The neighbors have some people at their house and want the girl to stop that goose from making so much noise, but she can’t, and neither can any of the animals that try to help her.  Then her dad comes outside with a ladder and  he’s able the goose off the roof.

This is such a cute book! The message is that if you need help with something, don’t be afraid to ask, and keep asking until you get the help you need. In this book that help came from her dad.

The story is told in rhyme and is easy for children to follow along and to understand what’s going on. This would be a great book for young children, day cares and kindergarten classes to have.

The illustrations are cute and colorful and I think children will love them as much as the story.


I received The Goose on the Roof from the publisher
This review is one hundred percent my own honest opinion     

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Children's Author Sarah Sommer

Meet the Author
Sarah Sommer enjoys working with words in a way that makes the story feel musical and rhythmical, which is a reflection of her first career in music as a professional clarinetist. She is passionate about animals and enjoys nature, the arts, and dark chocolate.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! I’m glad you enjoyed the theme of asking for help.

  2. This sounds adorable. We’ve actually had a goose on our roof a time or two over the years 😀

  3. This book sounds like so much fun for children–and their parents, too!

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