Jul 092020

Skywatch Friday

  22 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. Looks like rain is coming! Great shot.

  2. Dramatic sky nicely composed with the flag.

  3. Yes, very nicely reflects what is happening in our world today. The storm clouds and threats on the horizon are undeniable.

  4. Looks like a storm is heading your way!

  5. Ominous, wonderful photo! I always look forward to your Friday sky photos, Vicki.

  6. …please send some stormy sky our way, we could use some rain!

  7. Beautiful and very dramatic!

  8. A photo that is a good representation of our current America.

  9. That’s my kind of sky! Great photo!

    • We see a lot of skies that look like that this time of year. We don’t have a snow season, we have a rain season. I don’t mind the rain but I do mind how humid it gets this time of year.

  10. That’s a dramatic shot. Something about our flag against a dark sky makes the flag pop out.

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