Jun 212020
Sunday Reflections

The Sand Dollar Inn (Manatee Bay Book 1) by Hazel Taylor

A Treasure to Die (A Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery Book 1) by Terry Ambrose

Listening To…
Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Books Reviewed Last Week…
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Last night I watched Change In The Air with Olympia Dukakis

In The Kitchen This Week…
Today I’m going to try a quick and easy recipe I found online:
Chicken A La King  @PegCochran

New To Me Stuff:
Nothing exciting but last week I did buy a 120 pack of Incense because I ran out,  an Olive Oil Sprayer because mine broke, a 100 ct. 3 – Compartment Biodegradable Plates to use for cookouts etc., 300 ct.  Paper Plates that go in those plastic holders (anyone still use them besides me?) and a FurEver Love Calming Pet Bed for Kaiyo

Today’s To Do List…
Might be going to look for a new mattress. I loved my memory foam when I got it about a year and a half ago, but now I think I want a firmer one

Looking forward to…
Great grandbaby! She’s due in 13 days!!!!

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
Exodus 20:12

From the camera…


  29 Responses to “Sunday Reflections & Sunday Salon: 6/21/20”

  1. How was “Change in Air”? I’m looking something that’s “good” to watch. Your kitty is adorable. Have a good week.

  2. Congrats on the new grandbaby!

    I love incense, and now I am wishing for some.

    Enjoy your books…and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. How exciting to look forward to a new great grandchild! I hope the recipe is a winner. Have a great week, Vicki!

  4. I hope the birth of your great grandbaby goes well; how wonderful to have positive news in amongst all the negative!

  5. I know you are very excited about the new great-grandbaby! I can’t wait to see photos.

    It took me a long time to get used to the memory foam, but now, five years later, I don’t think I would ever want anything else. But I’ve always liked a soft mattress.

    Alice in Wonderland was a book I didn’t read until I was a grownup. I thought it was magical and wonderful.

    Have a good week!

    • I’ve always liked a firmer bed but decided to try a memory foam since so many people I know love them. It was good for a while but now I want to go back to a semi-firm.

      This was my first time reading AIW and I don’t know why I haven’t read it before now.

  6. Jaspurr is so cute! The arrival of your new little person is so close now!

  7. That cat looks very cozy. Have a good week!

  8. We got the firmest mattress temperpedic makes … and I love it. I used to wake up with back ache every morning, but now I never do. So exciting about your new great-grandbaby! Hope you have a good week.

  9. That’s very exciting news about the new great-grandbaby on the way. Jaspurr is adorable!

  10. Cats are so hilarious the positions they get into. Is this your first great-grandbaby? My mother is 91 and only has one great grandchild, our grandson, so she really has an excuse to pour on the loving. Hope all goes well with the delivery! My Sunday Salon

  11. Love the kitty picture and the grandbaby countdown 🙂 We’ve never tried memory foam, but haven’t had a mattress we’ve loved in years. Good luck!

    • Thanks Stacy, love my kitties (and dog) and that timer is counting down so slow 🙂

      I don’t know if you have any Badcock Furniture Stores near you but my daughter bought a semi firm Legend Divine Jumbo Pillow Top King mattress there for $1,300 and they LOVE it!

  12. Jaspurr is so cute! Congrats on your soon-to-arrive great grandbaby! So exciting 🙂 I like a firmer mattress too, but they’re so expensive – probably have to make due with what we’ve got for a while. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

    • Thanks Becki, I think Jaspurr is cute too 🙂

      I’m so excited about the baby! She’ll be here soon and I can’t wait to hold her!

      Yes, mattresses are very expensive!

  13. You are always so good about trying new recipes. Last night I made Parmesan chicken, the Ina Garten version and it was very, very easy and good. I made a double batch so we are eating it again tonight.

    The kitty pic is so cute. My poor Otter Pup is exhausted from her Central Coast adventures and we didn’t realize it at the time but all those walks on the boardwalks and piers shredded her paw pads. She is limping around and sleeping a lot. I suspect her hips are hurting a bit too because she has never walked so much! I carried her around a lot but I guess not enough.

    • I’ve been cooking for about 46 years. During those years I’ve cooked for a total of 12 people, some who were on special diets which meant cooking 2 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So to tell you the truth I am no longer a fan of cooking. Trying new recipes keeps it more bearable. I add the ones we really like to our list of favorites.

      Sorry to hear about Otter Pup’s paw pads. Praying they will heal soon.

  14. I love little Jaspurr!

    I had completely forgot about the paper plate holders. As flimsy as some paper plates are that can come in very handy.

    I am reading a lot more now that I am retired. I am a very slow reader nowdays, I used to be fast. But I’m not in a race!!

    • Thanks! Jaspurr is very entertaining. A few minutes ago she was doing zoomies. My dogs have done zoomies but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat do them until now.

      I’ve been using paper plate holders for years. I don’t even know how long I’ve had the ones I’m using now.

      I’ve slowed down on physical books in the last few years because my eyes feel strained a lot quicker. You might want to try audiobooks. I used to not like them at all but now that’s how I mainly “read” books. I listen while driving, cooking, cleaning, walking etc. I love audiobooks!

  15. Yes on the audiobooks. 🙂 Jaspurr is way too cute. I’ll have to investigate Change in the Air because I like Olympia Dukakis.

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