May 152020


Skywatch Friday

  25 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. We could use some of those clouds around here. I do love the sunshine but we need some rain.

  2. I love grey clouds! Great photo!

  3. What a beautiful sky with lots of sky.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Vicki.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful sky!! Have a safe and healthy weekend.

  5. Nice pic!!

  6. It’s been unseasonably cooler here but I am not complaining. We could use rain and those clouds you posted reminded me of that. Hope you and your family and fur babies are all well.

    • It’s been hot here, or hot and humid. I’d rather have your weather 🙂
      Thanks we are all doing good. I hope you, Doug, Aja are doing well.

  7. Wonderful puffy clouds! I wish I was brave enough to have taken some pictures last night as we had lots of thunderstorms.

  8. Beautiful. Lately our skies have either been clear or completely grey. I miss the cloud variations!

  9. Lovely clouds. Boots looks like a character.

  10. Nice combo of clouds and blue sky.

  11. I love it, that sky just goes on back forever. Love the sense of depth and space.

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