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Sunday Reflections

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The temps. today are supposed to be a high of 81° and a low of 59°, with a small chance of rain and a slight breeze. I can hear cats and chickens which is normal

Today I’m going to start You Carried Me by Melissa Ohden

Listening To…
Almost finished with Nobody Will Tell You This But Me by Bess Kalb

Books Reviewed Last Week…
With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Wonder Park has been in my Watch List for months so I plan to finally watch it today

Step count is back up where it was but I’ve been eating worse, as most of us are

In The Kitchen…
Instant Pot Mango Salsa Chicken
One Pot Mac and Cheese
Ham, Stuffing, Green Beans
Fish Sticks, Fries, Pea Salad
Left over ham sandwiches

New To Me Stuff:
I love Mtn Dew Baja Blast & Mtn Dew Zero Sugar at Taco Bell  so the other day when my son was picking up some groceries for me and saw them in the store in a 20 oz. bottles he bought me one of each to try. I liked the Baja Blast  but the Zero tasted different to me than it does at TB. I think I’ll just stick with Code Red at home and get these when I go to Taco Bell.

Today’s To Do List…
Work this morning and then home to do laundry, cook, read and watch tv

Looking forward to…
Going to the beach with my daughter when it’s safe to leave your house and be around people

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong
1 Corinthians 16:13

From the camera…

For those of you who have never been near a cruise ship
those black things on the dock at the side of the ship near the bow are people

The ships are HUGE!!!

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  28 Responses to “Sunday Reflections, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 4/5/20”

  1. I hope you’re able to stay safe at work. I don’t mind being at home more but I sure do miss seeing my friends. I’m wondering when I’ll get to see my mom again. 🙁

    • I’m doing everything I can to stay safe. They take our temps when we get there and when we leave, and no visitors are allowed. It’s hard on a lot of the residents not getting to see family members. There is a woman there whose husband has visited her every day without fail for many years, and now he can’t. I feel so bad for them. I’m hoping this will be over soon and everyone can go back to their normal lives. Hopefully you will see your mom soon.

  2. I’m glad your step count is back up. We are actually walking more than we walked in the past, though I’m not going to the Y like I used to. I think we are actually eating better now, as most everything is homemade. We are eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables.

    I’ve had a hard time reading anything except children’s books. I finally finished an adult nonfiction book yesterday. Maybe I can try something that’s fiction today.

    We are getting some nice warm weather too. I hope that kills the virus.

    Stay safe.

    • I’ve heard that sun, warm drinks, etc. can kill the virus. My son just bought me a patio table and two chairs so I could sit outside for a while each day. I had planned on getting a set when it warmed up more but the didn’t wait 🙂

      I’m doing better with my reading but not as good as I want to be.

      We need to eat more veggies and fruit. I do for a long time and then I slack off. I need to be more consistent.

      You stay safe too Deb!

  3. It’s funny how some things don’t taste the same unless they are in a paper cup with ice 🙂

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health

  4. We had lots of cruise ships stopping at Killybegs. I was amazed at the size of some of them. There were more people on the ship than the residents of the town. 🙂
    Take care and stay safe!

    • I live not far from the Port Tampa Bay Cruise Terminal and yes, the ships are huge. I know of a few that have a passenger limit of close to 7,000!

  5. I know we live in the same state, but we certainly aren’t getting 80 high today. Instead it’s about 60 and rain is in the forecast for today through Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s ok. Santa Barbara can always use rain. 🙂

  6. Cruises have never really appealed to me but now they REALLY don’t! Going to the beach sounds amazing right now! My husband announced yesterday that his new hobby is eating and I don’t think he’s wrong! I’m just hoping my clothes still fit after this is over. Have a great week!

    • The ship was huge, but it was no different than staying in a large hotel. You can’t even tell it’s moving unless the sea is rough but ours only rocked a little once when pulling into a port, and for just a few minutes.I always wanted to go on a cruise and although I loved every minute of it, from now on I’d rather fly to wherever I want to go and spend the days out to sea sightseeing instead. I actually would love to take one more cruise, to Alaska to see the best glaciers, fjords, and wildlife.

  7. No cruises have never been on my list of things to do – so much motionsickness – but now, no, no, no. LOL

    Hope your week goes well. I can imagine how sad it is for the people to not get to see family and visa versa. Take care, Vicki.

    • None of us got seasick, and the ship barely rocked one time, for just a few minutes. And being on the ship was really no different than being in a big hotel. We stayed at The New Yorker in Midtown Manhattan a few years ago and it’s huge. I’ve always had a fear of elevators, but I got over it after going up and down 27 floors a few times a day.

  8. We saw several cruise ships up close last fall in Key West. The size is just staggering… they’re blocks long! I’m not in any hurry to get on one, especially now. Have a good week!

  9. We are eating more sweets but we always made our meals at home so they are relatively more healthy. The fresh fruits and veggies are the easiest thing to get and luckily I had a stocked freezer before this all started.

    The weather has been so nice here (NC) but it’s going to get hot for a few days this week.

    Have a wonderful week! Be kind and take care of yourself!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    • I’ve been eating more sweets too. I love fruits and veggies and will eat them a lot for a while and then not. I don’t know why either. My upright freezer was stocked with mostly meat when this hit, so I’m ok there. I also have a lot of canned veggies. I pretty much stay stocked up on everything I use, even tp, pt. laundry supplies etc. Now I’m so thankful that I do.

      I hope you have a great week too. I also hope you and your family stay healthy!

  10. My son and I enjoyed Wonder Park – hope you do too 🙂 Very jealous of your warm weather right now. I think we’re headed for mid-50s, but I really am ready for solid spring and summer to sit outside and read. Take care of you and yours!

    • I started Wonder Park but got interrupted so will have to watch the rest soon. Today it’s only 76°. My son bought me a new outside patio set a week ago and I like taking the dog out and letting her roam around while I listen to my audio book or read from my Kindle. The weather is perfect for that. I hope you and your family stay healthy!

  11. I have never been on a cruise ship – no appeal to me whatsoever. I love the Caribbean but, prefer air travel. I’m thankful we are experiencing spring weather 60 degrees which makes daily walks a treat. Stay Safe Vicki

    • I enjoyed the cruise but would rather fly and spend the days at see roaming around and sightseeing. I love the ocean and it was amazing to be surrounded by nothing but water as far as you could see.

  12. Vicki, the photo is terrific–perfect for this time in history!

    Thank you for sharing your reflections. Wonder Park sounds intriguing.

    Stay safe and healthy and have a good week ahead!

    (P.S. For some reason, when I type a comment here, it appears to me as tiny. I need to look into fixing that.)

    • Thanks Susan!

      I don’t know why your comment looks tiny, it looks normal on my blog.

      I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy!

  13. I don’t mind being at home but I keep seeing things I need to do to the house. Like right now, I could really overhaul all my bookshelves but as soon as I start something, there is some crisis at work.

    It’s chilly here. Was raining pretty good yesterday. Right now cloudy but the news said thunderstorms later. I hope not. The Pup does not like thunder at all.

    • I’m keeping busy with work, reading, watching tv shows and movies, searching for healthy recipes, cleaning stuff. My dog doesn’t like thunder at all either and that’s not a good thing when we’re having our rainy or hurricane season.

  14. They aren’t letting cruises continue are they? That is the last place I’d want to be right now. Happy Easter!

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