Mar 192020

One of the many bridges in Florida on a dreary overcast day

Skywatch Friday

  27 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. Great shot. It is currently very cold here and raining. It is so cold it may snow. Or, at least it feels like it could. My pup is under her blanket and won’t come out.

    • Thanks!

      I would want it to snow 🙂

      My dog and oldest cat don’t like being under a blanket but my youngest cat is always crawling under one.

  2. Hello, pretty shot of the bridge and sky. Take care and stay safe. I hope your day is great!

  3. What a great shot, Vicki.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  4. Is that Sky Way Bridge outside St. Petersburg, FL? I love that view but have never attempted to take a photo while driving.

  5. Lovely lines making up that bridge. Brilliant capture!

  6. Beautiful! And what a lovely bridge! We have had nothing but rain lately and I miss blue sky!

  7. Wow! Those lines!!! I super love this one Vicki. Wishing you all the best and blessings, Stay Safe! From the Philippines

  8. I’ve crossed that bridge several times but it looks like I won’t be this spring. Makes me sad. Loved seeing your pic, though.

  9. That’s really a great shot!

  10. This photo is impressive, I really like it.
    Stay healthy in these dark times
    My sky …

  11. I like the way you shot this!

  12. Oh I love this, I am a chemical engineer by training but I can appreciate the pure tension in this more modern design.

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