Feb 232020

Sunday Reflections

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On Feb. 3rd when I got home from work (I only work from 7-11:30 am) my dog Kaiyo couldn’t use her back legs. When she would try to walk her back legs would buckle. I called my son Anthony and told him what she was doing so he left work, came home, and we took her to the animal hospital. They checked her out and said she has Intervertebral Disc Disease. They kept her overnight to give her IV steroids and we picked her up at 4:30 the next afternoon. They gave me 2 different pills to give her. I took her back in a week and they said she was doing better but to keep giving her the pills until they were gone. The vet also gave me a walking harness for her for free! She’s walking better little by little so I’m hoping she keeps getting better until she’s back to normal. I had to keep her in a kennel when we weren’t home to begin with but now she can stay on the floor and I let her on the bed with me when I’m watching tv or reading. At night she stays on the floor. I don’t want her jumping off the bed and hurting herself. She goes back to the vet on the 10th and I’m hoping he says she’s doing very good. I’ll update you then. Thanks Tina for checking on her ❤️

75° with big fluffy clouds in the sky, and not much of a breeze

Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

Listening To…
Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise

Books Reviewed…
Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life by Randy Travis

Movies I plan on watching this week: The Farewell ,  The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The Silence Of The Lambs, Terms of Endearment. The only one I’ve seen before is the last one, and that was when it first came out

Weekly Steps…
I averaged between 8000 and 9000 steps a day even with my aching knee

In The Kitchen…
I have no idea what I’m making for supper today

New To Me Stuff:
Fried Plantains. My husband loved them but I never tried them. My daughter in law fried some Friday night and I tried one, and was surprised that I liked them

Today’s To Do List…
Relaxing. My leg is bothering me again and I had to take a few days off it was so bad, but it’s not hurting so much now but I’m still trying to stay off of it and keep it propped up as much as I can

Looking forward to…
Going to the beach as soon as possible

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Hebrews 11:1

From the camera…

Last Sunday was the gender reveal for my great-grandbaby (my grandson Jordan’s baby)
The didn’t do pink/blue, they did purple/green
It’s A Girl! Due July 4th!
My daughter in law Susie made these Dino cookies
Aren’t they cute? And they were good too!

  35 Responses to “Sunday Reflections, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 2/23/20”

  1. I hope Kaiyo is doing better. I adore her. I also hope your leg feels better soon. Congratulations on your new grandbaby girl! The cookies are adorable. Have a good week, Vicki!

    • Thanks. I’m hoping Kaiyo is 100% better soon. The baby is my grandson’s baby, my great-grandbaby. The plan on naming her Jenson Joy. I’m so excited!

  2. Oh poor Kaiyo! Hopefully she’s feeling better. My aunt had a dachshund with very similar problems (may have been the same diagnosis) and she did end up having to be more careful with letting him up on the furniture and stuff but he went on to live many more years – though was quite annoyed he couldn’t come and go as he pleased. I love the Dino Cookies! Your daughter in law is very talented! Have a great week!

    • Thanks so much Katherine! Kaiyo is one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen so I think she’s handling things pretty well. I’m the one stressing over it 🙁

      The cookies were so cute! I hope you have a great week too!

  3. Oh, poor Kaiyo!! I hope she continues to improve.

    A great grandbaby?! Wow, congratulations! The cookies are so cute 🙂

  4. Oh your poor pup! I hope she continues to do better. And, you too, hope your knee is doing better. And, congrats on the upcoming new addition to your family. The dino cookies are too cute!

  5. I’m sorry about your dog! It’s so difficult when they are sick or hurt. I hope she gets better soon.

  6. I’m so glad that Kaiyo is on the mend. They tear your heart out, don’t they? Aja Couldn’t sleep on the bed for eight weeks unless someone was with her because she couldn’t jump off the bed with her surgery. She has a plate and screws in her leg now but she is doing well.

    Congrats on your new granddaughter! If I were a fast crocheter I would make a blanket but your grandbaby you’ll probably be four before I finish it, LOL

  7. Between your leg and Kaiyo’s legs, you’ve had quite a bit of stress. I hope you’re both back to your normal selves soon!

    Congratulations on the new little girl coming to your life! The cookies are adorable!

  8. Poor dog. I hope she heals quickly. Have a great week!

  9. Your poor puppy. I hope the regimen the vet provided does the trick and that it works quickly.

    You did well with your walking. Hope that pain goes away soon.

    The Randy Travis book sounds good.

    And congratulations on your new great-granddaughter!

    Have a lovely week.

    • It’s been a heck of few weeks for sure. My dog is one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen and her back legs don’t seem to be stopping that. She’s always happy, especially when it’s time to eat 🙂

  10. Congrats on the new baby news!
    I hope Kaiyo is back to normal soon. My friend’s dog had the same issue a few years ago and she’s still hanging in there better than ever.

  11. Oh no, I hope Kaiyo recovers quickly. Super news on the new baby — congrats!

  12. Hope your dog comes through okay. And going to the beach may fix everything for the moment!

  13. Your little Kaiyo is super adorable. I hate when our pups aren’t feeling 100%. Hoping Kaiyo gets a clean bill of health at the next appointment.

    BTW, those cookies are so cute.

  14. Hope Kaiyo continues to heal! The dino cookies look so cute! Congrats on the great-granddaughter!

  15. I hope Kaiyo is all better very soon!

    Congratulations on your soon-to-be great-granddaughter!

  16. Wishing Kaiyo some good healthy vibes. It’s stressing to have your little family member ailing. Congrats on great news of the future great-granddaughter.

  17. I am glad your dog is getting better. It is so bad, as you know, when they cannot stand. We have three and we love them dearly.
    You are certainly keeping yourself busy. When I retire I plan on watching lots more movies and reading lots more books.
    I appreciate your prayers for my brother.

    • I have a dog and 2 cats and I know how much they can mean to you. I went back to work after many years because I couldn’t stand to sit at home everyday after my husband died.

      You’re very welcome! I hope he is better soon!

  18. I’m so sorry I missed this post and I’m hoping your dog is doing better – scary. The dino cookies are adorable.

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