Feb 092020

Sunday Reflections

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High of 77° , low of 57°, cloudy & no rain

Ok,  so I was in a reading slump during the last part of ’19 and was looking forward to the new year, thinking the start of 2o2o would pull me out of it. Wrong! Right now I’m reading Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook: 100 Great Recipes with Fewer Calories and Less Fat by Dana Angelo White. I’m trying a cookbook, because a cookbook should do the job, right? Wrong! I’m also still reading Calico Confusion (Marjorie’s Cozy Kitten Cafe Book 1) by Katherine Hayton.

Listening To…
Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music by Randy Travis

Books Reviewed Last Week…

Lots of my regular shows but also added The Biggest Loser (yes, it’s back for a new season) and can’t wait for Survivor to come back on.  Premieres Feb. 12

Weekly Steps…
50,396 which is just over 10,000 steps for the 5 days I tracked

In The Kitchen…
I made In A Hurry Chicken Curry again. And again, it was really good!

New To Me Stuff:
I haven’t tried anything new that I can remember

Today’s To Do List…
My leg is acting up again. I worked yesterday and could barely walk on it which made my back start hurting too,  so I’m taking the day off and just relaxing and hopefully they will be ok when I go back to work Monday

Looking forward to…
My leg not hurting

A Favorite Bible Verse…
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8

From the camera…

My son and daughter (in law) with my new granddog Cooper

Aren’t they cute?

  30 Responses to “Sunday Reflections, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 2/9/20”

  1. Aww, yes that are super cute! I’m looking forward to Survivor this week too. It’s the only network show we consistently watch.

  2. They are cute.
    I hope a day of relaxing does the trick.

    Wishing you a great reading week, and an end to your slump.

  3. Hope your leg feels better soon. Cute picture of the happy family.

  4. Don’t stress over the reading slump – something will strike your fancy sooner or later.

    I hope your leg is back to normal soon – that’s got to be frustrating!

    Copper (and your kids) are adorable!

    • I’ve been doing a great job at adding books to my list to read for 2020 but have been terrible at reading. I’m still doing a good job with audio’s though.

  5. Cookbooks and coffee table books are all I can usually read if I am in a reading slump. It’s also hard to get out of it. The most random of books could do it but no telling when that book will come by. I hope you still have a good week, whether with books or TV – after all we are more than books so we can enjoy other things too!

  6. I got two new cozies with new themes and I might get back into the cozy reading mood this winter.

  7. Love the photo!

    Hope you feel better soon and come out of the slump. Reading thrillers sometimes jump starts my reading, but not always.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  8. Good idea to rest until Monday. I hope it helps. What a cute photo. Cooper looks like a love. I’ve been watching BL again. Nice to see Bob 🙂

  9. Hey, a cookbook is a book. I say it counts. Read whatever you want to read. Sooner or later you will get back into the reading groove.

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your leg. I hope the pain goes away very soon.

    As always thanks for the reminder…charity does cover a multitude of sins.

  10. Nice photo! The weather has been mild so I should be getting in some steps these days. The way I avoid slumps is to read a lot of genres, at least a variety of the genres I like. I’m reading a lot but more mystery / thrillers. That’s what I read when I’m stressed. Or just because I like them, too.

    Have a lovely week and I hope you find some great books!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  11. I’m sorry about the reading slump and your leg. I do hope the pain goes away sooner rather than later. As for the reading slump, I hate those but somehow I always snap out of them. I hope you do too.

    Have a great week!

  12. Sorry about the slump. Calico Confusion looks good. My weekly update

  13. Great picture! I hope your leg is better today. The curry recipe sounds and looks very good. Have a terrific week, Vicki!

  14. I work in a kitchen but don’t like to cook. LOL I only look through cookbooks for the pictures 😉 Hope you have a great week!

  15. I hope your leg is feeling a little better. I have a weird knee thing that acts up now and then. It’s an old cheer injury if you can believe it.

    My reading has been off the charts and I am still very motivated to keep up the pace. I just keep reading fast paced psychological thrillers and boom, reading happens. I am actually afraid to stray from this formula right now.

  16. Thanks for sharing your thinking.

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