Dec 162019

Every Tuesday I host First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros sharing the first paragraph or two of a book that I’m reading or plan to read soon

Feel free to join in by posting your own FCFPTI and linking below

The Family Journal by [Brown, Carolyn]

The Family Journal by Carolyn Brown

Chapter One
When you come to the end of the rope, it’s time to tie a knot and hang on. Lily Anderson had reached the place where there wasn’t even enough rope left to tie a knot. She’d thought about her problem for a whole day, made a few phone calls, and now her mind was made up. She was moving her kids out of the city of Austin and to her hometown of Comfort, Texas – population a little more than three thousand.

Would you keep reading?

  23 Responses to “First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros:
The Family Journal by Carolyn Brown”

  1. I like the sound of this one…and the cover is gorgeous, too.

  2. I’ve read this author and have a few of her books on my Kindle TBR. I would definitely continue reading.

  3. This makes me curious;I do like that intro.

  4. Curious intro, makes me want to find out why she is having to make all these changes! Thanks for hosting.

  5. Absolutely, I pull read this one.

  6. I meant I would Read this one! Doggone auto correct!

  7. Sounds like it would be a feel-good novel.

  8. Nice book start. I’d continue reading.

  9. I’ll bet this is good story! And the cover is so pretty!

  10. Sounds interesting!

  11. I agree, the opening makes you want to know more.

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