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I CAN AND I WILL: A Simple and Powerful story that helps to understand the importance of believing in yourself and figure out how to handle negative emotions (cheerful mantra song included) by [Spring, Olivia]

I Can And I Will by Olivia Spring
Illustrated by Micaela Stefano

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Print Length: 26 pages
Publication Date: May 27, 2019
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Language: English

Oliver becomes frustrated and upset when he can’t tie his shoes. He doesn’t know how to handle his emotions. His attention shifts when he is distracted by a little squirrel on a tree outside. The squirrel is also struggling with a task, but instead of becoming angry or upset, it starts to sings a little motivational song to inspire itself to keep trying. Oliver, now repeating the words of the squirrel’s song, composes himself and tries again to tie his shoes.
This time he succeeds, proving to himself and his parents that he can do anything if he just stays calm and gives it another try.

As young readers follow Oliver in his attempts to tie his shoes, they will learn the valuable life lesson, that if at first you don’t succeed, just remain calm and try again.

The simple & catchy motivational song that your child will learn along with Oliver will help them face any difficulties they may encounter, and to realize that all they have to do to succeed is to try again.

Oliver tried to tie his shoes himself but they wouldn’t stay tied, so he threw his shoes across the room in a fit. Then he saw a squirrel outside who couldn’t break open a walnut, but the squirrel didn’t get mad, he just kept trying over and over, and singing “I can and I will. I am and I’ll be. Nothings too hard when I believe in me.” and finally the walnut cracked open. So Oliver tried to tie his shoes again while singing the “I can and I will” song, and was able to tie his shoe laces!

Oliver’s mom and dad were so proud of him and Oliver was so proud of himself.

I love that this book teaches kids that getting mad/throwing a fit isn’t going to solve anything. By staying calm and trying, you will finally do what you thought you would not be able to do.

The illustrations were bold and and colorful.

Great book for all kids, especially those who tend to get aggravated  when they can’t do things they are trying to do.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful book for young children, Vicki!

  2. A good read for the youngsters.

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