Oct 142019

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween by [Ferland, Lisa]

When the Clock Strikes On Halloween by Lisa Ferland
llustrated by Pei Jen

It’s Halloween night which means trick-or-treating in spooktacular costumes.

This is the perfect Halloween book to get kids interested in learning about time as they count every hour of Halloween night.

Simple rhyming sentences are fun and reinforce learning time. Little clues on every page will hold your child’s attention and have them going back through the book over and over again.

Perfect for kids aged 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Playful illustrations and fun rhymes help every kid learn about time.

This is a really cute rhyming book that shows an analogue clock for the  hours of Halloween from 1 – 12. Since the story is about Halloween, there are ghosts, witches, wolves etc., but it isn’t overly spooky and I don’t think it will scare small children. The rhymes are very cute/funny and the illustrations are bold and colorful.

This is a great book for little ones and even not so little ones. I enjoyed it very much.

I love that the clock is an analogue since schools teach kids how to tell time on on a digital clock nowadays, at least at the schools I’m familiar with.

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  6 Responses to “Book Review:
When the Clock Strikes on Halloween by Lisa Ferland”

  1. This sounds like a kid-friendly book about Halloween! Terrific review!

  2. Cute. I miss this stage of book buying. I used to love to hang out with my daughter in the children’s section of B&N. Turns out though, she is NOT a reader. Kills me. Oh, but all the fun holiday books!

    • All 3 of my kids read when they were little, but now only my oldest reads and he only reads a few fiction series and the rest is non-fiction, mostly financial and techy books.

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