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Becoming Boston Strong: One Woman's Race to Run and Conquer the World's Greatest Marathon

Becoming Boston Strong:
One Woman’s Race to Run and Conquer the World’s Greatest Marathon
by Amy Roe

Chapter One

I am caught in a crowd of runners shuffling feebly through the streets when my cell phone rings. My dad’s raspy voice is on the other end: “Amy?”
He has no idea what had just happened. He can’t know. No one, save for those of us who have just seen and heard the explosions, knows about this yet.

I’m starting this soon!

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  22 Responses to “First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros:
Becoming Boston Strong: One Woman’s Race to Run and Conquer the World’s Greatest Marathon by Amy Roe”

  1. I have never been tempted to run a marathon. But I am tempted to read this book. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. I bet this is a good one Vicki. I lived most of my life in MA.

  3. Sounds like an inspiring book. I remember this dreadful incident and am interested in reading a first-hand account.

  4. It does sound good, I like books where people have made a success of themselves having first dealt with adversity.

  5. This looks compelling. I’d keep reading!

  6. Sounds interesting. I cannot run in a marathon anymore. But I always wanted to try one. I’ll bet her take on this horrible crime will be interesting.

  7. I put this on my to read list. Thank you, Vicki.

  8. What a beginning! I keep thinking how miraculous for her father that he called at that moment and he’ll know that she’s alive even as he hears about the bombing.

  9. Vicki,
    I’ll bet this is a touching and inspiring book. I look forward to your review of it (if you post one).

  10. I recently started walking 5Ks (I’ve done 2). They’re fun but I couldn’t imagine doing a marathon. I remember the Boston Marathon bombing. The Peachtree Road Race is a big deal in my state and I remember all the concerns about it following that incident. I bet this is a very inspiring book.

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