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Sunday Reflections

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Today is only supposed to be 85° but there’s a 50% chance of rain so it’s probably going to be really humid

That my kids and grandkids made it to PA and back safely

A Beach Wish by Shelley Noble – had trouble getting it to fully download

Listening To…
Switched from reading to listening to Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

Books Reviewed Last Week…
And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer
by Fredrick Backman

Book Reviews Coming Up This Week…
Turtle In Paradise by Jennifer Holmes
Have You Seen Luis Valez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde

On Hold At The Library…
I’m next in line for The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren so it shouldn’t be long

I watched some really good movies on Netflix last week: Remember, Her Only Choice and Running For Grace, and I also started a new to me series on Amazon Prime (I watch it on AppleTV) called Corner Gas which was filmed in Canada from 2004 – 2009. I’ve watched the first 4 episodes and it’s really funny. There’s a movie that was filmed in 2014 with the same name that I plan to watch after I finish the series

Mind Body Spirit… 
Thankfully my leg is a lot better, not 100% yet but it’s getting there

This Week In The Kitchen…
Salmon, Pulled Pork, Chicken, BLT’s

New To Me Stuff:
Dr. Pepper Diet Cherry, it was pretty good

This Week’s To Do List…
Monday my daughter and I are going back to St. Augustine because she has another job interview and a few places to look at to rent, then Tuesday I’m taking Kaiyo to the groomer and then to the vet on Saturday

Looking forward to…
A few days off this week

A Favorite Bible Verse…
May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!

Psalm 29:11

From the camera…

From our trip last month

  22 Responses to “Sunday Reflections, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 7/7/19”

  1. I’m looking forward to The Unhoneymooners, too. I’m waiting for it to arrive for me, too.

    Last week we had fairly cool weather, with highs only in the high eighties. It looks like it will be warmer this week. Eighty-five sounds marvelous, even with a little rain.

    Glad to hear your leg is continuing to feel better!

    Have a great week.

    • Thanks, my leg feels a litte better every day. It is cooler today, but the high humidity where I live always makes it feel a lot hotter. than the temp.

  2. I’m glad your leg is healing well.
    Inheritance and Backman’s book are on my TBR list

    Have a great reading week, and enjoy your time off

  3. Happy to hear your leg is better. I think I’ll look for Corner Gas. I don’t watch a lot of tv but always glad to know of good shows! Looking forward to your thoughts on the Unhoneymooners.

    • Thanks, I’m walking almost normal 🙂

      I think Corner Gas is really funny and I told a friend about it and she watched the first 3 episodes and said she thought it was funny too. I should be getting my copy of Unhoneymooners in a few days.

  4. We’re having the humidity problem here too. The temp was in the 80s today so I thought it’d be nice but I didn’t take the humidity seriously enough. It is crazy high! Too bad about A Beach Wish. I hope you get it downloaded fully soon but sometimes an audio is just what you need! Glad your leg is feeling better. Have a great week!

    • I finally got A Beach Wish downloaded. I can take the heat but the humidity is awful. Thanks for you comment about my leg! You have a great week too Katherine!

  5. Glad your leg is doing better.

    My brother-in-law and sister introduced my wife and me to Corner Gas a few months ago. Because of our schedules, we’ve been watching them slowly but also because we don’t want to gobble them up. I think we’re in Season 4.

  6. I’m glad your leg is better. I hope you enjoy all your books.

    • Thanks! I haven’t read many books that I didn’t enjoy for a while now and am loving it. A bad book can put me in a reading slump.

  7. Your week sounded good…and I like the look of your books.

    Enjoy the upcoming week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Hello, I hope your leg is back to normal soon. We are getting a lot of rain here today. I am always looking for new books to read and movies on Netflix, thanks for the reviews. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day and I wish you a happy new week!

    • I’ve been watching a lot of good stuff on Netflix lately! Thanks for visiting my blog too, and I hope you have a great week!

  9. I’m glad your leg is getting better and hope you’re enjoying Inheritance as much as I did. What a story!

    • I can’t imagine all the feelings that would be involved if I found out my dad wasn’t actually my dad! Inheritance is a great memoir!

  10. What does it say about me that the first think I want to comment on is your menu! Love all your dinners. My library hold on Inheritance just came in. I hope I have time to read it before it expires. Good news on your leg!

    • Food always has a big part of my attention when I see it on a blog post 🙂

      I hope you enjoy Inheritance as much as I and so many others have.

  11. Glad to hear your leg is better and that your kids and grandkids made it back to PA safely! Also, I really hope you enjoy The Unhoneymooners! I had such a blast with that one. Have a good week!

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