Jul 072019

 Photo Sunday

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  17 Responses to “Photo Sunday: Tree”

  1. Nice shot, Vicki. I wonder if an animal lives in the hole of the tree or maybe a bird’s nest.

  2. An animal does probably live in the tree but I do know that older Cypress trees are usually hollow.

  3. Wow, can you imagine all that’s happened since that tree’s been alive? It’s magnificent!

  4. Oh very cool! I love the trees over the water. They develop such character!

  5. That’s a great shot!

  6. What an amazing photo! I love trees. I’d love to read The Hidden Life of Trees.

    • I love trees too. I just saw The Hidden Life Of Trees a few days ago and made a mental note to check it out, but haven’t yet.

  7. Hello, I love the wetlands in Florida. I am sure some kind of wildlife makes it’s home there. Have a happy day!

  8. Super capture! Love this photo — it’s one to frame.

  9. Hope your daughter gets the job. I’ve been to St. A once, lovely area!

    • She’s applied a few places there so I’m hoping she gets one of them. Me and my kids/grankids love it there, it’s one of our favorite places to go.

  10. I wonder who or what lives in that hole

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