Jun 302019

Sunday Reflections

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Right now it’s one 87° but with 66% humidity it “feels like” 96°.  It’s supposed to get up to 96° with little chance of rain.

For the time spent with my daughter and youngest grandson yesterday. We went to see The Secret Lives Of Pets 2, which was hilarious. After the movie we went shopping and then ate at a local Chinese Restaurant

A Beach Wish by Shelley Noble – still trying to download

Listening To…
Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Books Reviewed Last Week…
I’m Fine And Neither Are You by Camille Pagan
Postcards From A Stranger by Imogen Clark

Books Needing Reviewed…
Turtle In Paradise by Jennifer Holmes
Have You Seen Luis Valez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Weird But True USA by NatGeo Kids
Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering by Joanna Gaines

On Hold At The Library…
Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan
(The Two Mrs Lloyd #1) for my book club

Yesterday I watched the first 3 episodes of Mr. Iglesias on Netflix, it is really funny! I’ve loved Fluffy for many years and was excited to see he had a tv show, but I seemed to forget about it until yesterday so I have to catch up

Mind Body Spirit… 
I worked 16 days in a row and then on my first day off I woke up to a sore leg, in the back of my knee. It feels like a pulled muscle or something and I’m having a hard time walking, it hurts a lot. I’ve been putting BioFreeze on it but it doesn’t seem to be helping

In The Kitchen…
Not sure because I worked 4 hours this morning and have to go back this afternoon and won’t be home until about 8:30, so…probably something really quick

New To Me Stuff:
I can’t remember trying anything new last week

Today’s To Do List…
Working and resting, with books, computer, tv

Looking forward to…
My daughter has a job interview in St. Augustine Tuesday and since I don’t work that day she wants me to go with her

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD
Psalm 150:6

From the camera…

Jaspurr reached her paw around my laptop to say hi!

  26 Responses to “Sunday Reflecions, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 6/30/19”

  1. 16 days in a row at work is too much! I hope you get some rest soon.

  2. I’d go get the knee checked out. I’ve been having knee issues the last few months. You could have a torn meniscus.

  3. I hope your leg feels better soon. Too much time on your feet? Good luck to your daughter with the interview!

  4. Gracious alive! That’s a lot of days of working in a row! I hope you get lots of time off soon. No one should have to work that hard.

    I’m curious as to what you think about Summer of ’69 and Magnolia Table. I’ll be watching for your thoughts.

    Have a good week.

    • I’m loving Summer Of ’69 and liked Magnolia Table. I’m a quick, easy, few ingredients kind of cook but sometimes do like to try new recipes.

  5. Oh, I hope your leg isn’t serious and it gets better. If it isn’t scorching hot at one end of the world, it’s raining more than usual. Kitty paw is so cute *waves * Happy Sunday! My Sunday Post

  6. WOW, no wonder your legs must hurt. Hope you get some rest. Thanks for the blog “shout out” with that pic:)

    I’m still waiting for my turn at Summer of 69 at library. I hope you are enjoying it!

  7. Working 16 days straight is a lot to ask of anyone. I hope you have some well deserved rest and that your leg gets better quickly!

  8. I hope you enjoy your books…I loved Summer of ’69, and I’m curious about Have You Seen Luis Velez.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Too many days working for sure! I love that sweet little kitty paw sneaking around the screen. Too cute.

  10. I hope you get a chance to relax, 16 days is excessive. Summer of 69 is a popular summer read, I like the song.

    Have a great reading week

  11. I hope your leg stops hurting soon and that you can have some time to rest it.

  12. You worked 16 days in a row?? Yikes.. hope you get a change to rest up. Hope you’re enjoying Summer if ’69… I’m on the hold list for it.

    • I’ve worked 13 in a row a few times but 16 was a new record. Summer Of ’69 is really good. I hope you get a copy soon, I’d love to know what you thought of it.

  13. Oh no! I hope your leg is doing better. That’s awful! I’m on a super long waiting list at my library for Summer of ’69. I’m looking forward to it.

    • There were long lists for the book, ebook, and the audiobook so I checked the CD and there wasn’t anyone waiting for it so I got it quickly.

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