Jun 022019

Sunday Reflections

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It’s 94° but factoring in the humidity the “feels like” temp. is 101°.

For my daughter Kilah who turns 37 today

Check out my Summer Reading List

Listening To…
Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Books Needing Reviewed…
I still have 5 books that I’ve finished but haven’t reviewed yet!

Library Books…
I currently have 14 books checked out from the library, not all read yet

I watched 2 movies (Prime Video on AppleTV) recently that are older but both were really good
Take Me Home with Sam Jaeger & his wife Amber Jaeger
Yours, Mine, & Ours with Denise Quad(♥) & Renn Russo

Mind Body Spirit…
Got my blood test results back and everything was great!

In The Kitchen…
Thai Chicken Curry Soup: Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Back In The Kitchen
Orange Chicken Stir Fry: George Stella’s Quick & Easy Low Carb

New To Me Stuff:
Nothing last week

Looking forward to…
Having a 3 day weekend mini vaca starting next Saturday

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually
1 Chronicles 16:11

From the camera…

  28 Responses to “Sunday Reflecions, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 6/2/19”

  1. Wonderful news on your blood work!

    I’m behind on writing about books too.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    The weather has been so crazy lately.
    I am so behind on reviews.
    Awesome news on your blood work!

    Have a great week! Happy Reading!

    • Our weather has been so hot and humid. I can stand the hot but the humidity is awful.

      I don’t like being behind on reviews but it seems I always am 🙁

      Thanks, I was so glad to hear my bloodwork was good.

      I’ll tell my daughter you said Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Wow, it’s hot there.

    I hope you have a good week.

  4. Hurray for good blood test results! Happy Birthday to your daughter 🙂
    Our temps didn’t make it out of the 50s today!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter! We got out of Florida just as all the heat was settling in.. the car thermometer said 102 degrees just before we got to Savannah, then 100 the following day in Virginia. Back here in central NY, we maybe made it to 60 today. Brr!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    It’s cold here.. 14c
    You have some great books on your summer reading list, a few like the Unhoneymooners, are on my wishlist

    Have a great reading week

  7. Vicki, I’m glad that your bloodwork was normal. Happy birthday to your daughter, Kilah! It sounds like you’ve been busy, so I’m glad that you will take a mini vacation soon. Have a good week, Vicki!

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter. Congrats on the blood work. And I heart Denise too.

  9. It’s starting to warm up here. We’ve edged into the nineties a bit in the last weeks. The high humidity always knocks the heat index up. But we have a great breeze blowing off the Gulf and that cools things off.

    I currently have over 35 books out from the library, and I’ve only read ten so far.

    Enjoy Turtle in Paradise!

  10. It’s awesome Kilah and I share a birthday. I will now think of her every year when I celebrate. Great news on the blood work!

    Nice reading list. It seems i am getting so many on from the library all at once and I’ll never get them read in 3 weeks, not all of them.

    The Florida humidity is wicked for sure.

    • I’ll never forget when your birthday is 🙂

      I always have too many books from the library. I really need to get them one at a time and stop confusing myself on which order I should read them.

  11. My daughter turned 23 on Monday. It was hot last week but is finally better in the 80s. If I have library books out it means I haven’t read them yet. I return the digital books or audio as soon as I finish. Have a wonderful week with some good books!

    Here is my Sunday Post   

    • I usually only borrow hardcovers from the library but I have been known to borrow an audio cd or digital from time to time. I return them as soon as I finish them too.

  12. I love the original Yours, Mine, and Ours with Lucille Ball but have seen the newer one too. Cute.

  13. Awesom photo, Vicki, I love this one.

  14. Great news about the blood work results!

    Love the photo!

    I hope it has cooled down.

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