May 192019

Sunday Reflections

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High is supposed to be 92° with light winds and only a 10% chance of rain

For today off work, going to spend some time with my family, and that my oldest grandson got another job that he seems to like a lot more than his old one

I decided to buy a copy of the hardcover of  I Ain’t Doin’ It: Unfiltered Thoughts From a Sarcastic Southern Sweetheart by Heather Land instead of borrowing it from the library

Listening To…
Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks

Books Needing Reviewed…
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami
Who Laid the Egg? by Audrey Sauble
I’m Fine And Neither Are You by Camille Pagan
Postcards From A Stranger by Imogen Clark

I seriouslyy need to get these reviews caught up! Anyone else behind?

On Hold At The Library…
I have a mix of 6 books waiting for me to pick up

I watched the season finale of Survivor and am not at all happy with who won.  I also watched the final 2 shows of The Big Bang Theory and loved both, but am so very very sad the show is over, it was one of my favorites ever! I guess I’m going to start binging it. I’m caught up with The Good Doctor 🙁   so I’m starting Manifest on YouTubeTV next

Mind Body Spirit…
I had blood work done at my doctors visit last week and go back the 28th for the results

In The Kitchen…
I’m not cooking today, we may go to Bahama Breeze or Longhorn Steakhouse

New To Me Stuff:
I’ve never been a fan of nachos, but when the Taco Bell Grande Nachos Box was added to the menu, I had to try. YUM! I LOVE IT! (The site says it’s $5 but where I live it’s $5.99)

Today’s To Do List…
Have to make a menu for the week, not one of my favorite things

Looking forward to…
In a few weeks my daughter will be starting summer vacation (she’s a paraprofessional teacher while she’s getting her master’s degree in education) so we’ll be able to go on day trips again, and I’ll also get to spend more time with my 2 youngest grandkids

A Favorite Bible Verse…
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

– John 14:6

From the camera…

A lone flower in a big area, and a tiny butterfly finds it

  22 Responses to “Sunday Reflecions, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 5/19/19”

  1. What a wonderful picture. And a nice reminder that even when flowers are rare, butterflies can find their way to them.

    I Ain’t Doing It sounds like a good title for a memoir of my retirement years. Please let us know what you think about it. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book from a strong woman.

    Big Bang had a nice conclusion. SPOILER ALERT! If only life could conclude so promisingly…and I loved it that the elevator finally worked!

    • I was so happy to see the butterfly land on the flower!

      Have you seen Heather Land’s “I Ain’t Doin’ It” videos on FB? She’s hilarious!

      I loved TBBT and am so sad it’s ended, but loved the finale and yes, the elevator scene was great!

  2. It sure got HOT fast, didn’t it? The humidity about did me in this morning. I hope you get good news on the blood work.

  3. We don’t have Taco Bell here, which is a shame because those Nachos look tasty. I’m always behind with reviews, many more than you at the moment.

    Have a great reading week

  4. That’s a great photo! I’d love to be able to take one with a butterfly in it, but I don’t seem to be quick enough, lol. We went to Bahama Breeze a couple of weeks ago – enjoy!

    • You do have to be quick to catch a butterfly. I happened to be looking at the flower when it landed and had my camera in my hand.

  5. We’re about three weeks away from summer vacation here. My weekly update

  6. It’s suddenly summer here too! Love the photo. I want to listen to or read Her One Mistake … maybe this summer.

  7. I read Haruki Murakami’s running book when I was running regularly myself (before my tendons painfully protested!). I remember it being quite a meditational read that really motivated me

  8. Nice little butterfly and flower.

  9. I had that $5 box last night! Here, it is actually $5 and includes a drink! It was a lot of food.

    • Ours includes a drink too, but at the TB I normally go to it’s 99¢ more. At the TB that’s in the next town, a 5 min. drive, it’s $5.00. Depends on who owns the franchise I guess.

  10. I need to watch the finale of the Big Bang Theory. I’m halfway through the season on catch up so have quite a bit of catching up to so before I get there though!

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