May 012019


  18 Responses to “CDP: Purple”

  1. Beautifully done!

  2. Oh that’s so interesting looking! Love the detail of the cityscape.

  3. A great purple cityscape, I love it!

  4. How fun!!

  5. Pretty in purple!

  6. Beautiful purple, I guess that it is sand but it looks great.

    I’m so jealous of the CDP Meme. I am thinking maybe I just change the name of my blog once a month in order to qualify but I hate to skate the rules like that.

    • Yes, it’s one of the sand sculptures at the Sugarsand Festival in Clearwater, Florida. You could always start another blog for memes and things 🙂

  7. Wow! That’s amazing!

  8. That is amazing. I can’t believe people can do such amazing work.

  9. That is truly magnificent. How do people do such fabulous work?

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