Apr 282019

Sunday Reflections

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86° but feels hotter

Yesterday I went to the Sugarsand Festival in Clearwater with my son Jeremy and daughter in law Susie. Son Anthony was supposted to go with us but he had a sore throat and was coughing and just didn’t feel good 🙁  The sculptures were amazing and I definitely want to go back next year. We got to watch the sunset too which was so beautiful, one of the photos I took is below

And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer by Richard Backman

Listening To…
Postcards from a Stranger by Imogen Clark

Books Needing Reviewed…
The Beantown Girls by Jane Healey
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami
Who Laid the Egg? by Audrey Sauble
I’m Fine And Neither Are You by Camille Pagan

Next On My TBR List…
I Ain’t Doin’ It: Unfiltered Thoughts From a Sarcastic Southern Sweetheart by Heather Land

On my “to watch list” is something my son and DIL told me about, TheDailyWoo’s Cross Country Road Trip: 8 States In 8 Days Challenge which is on YouTube. I’m going to watch it on the YouTube channel on Apple TV. They both enjoyed it and I love small town USA so I plan on watching it

Day One: Georgia 
Day Two: Alabama
Day Three: Mississippi
Day Four: Arkansas
Day Five:Oklahoma 
Day Six: Texas 
Day Seven: New Mexico
Day Eight: Arizona

Mind Body Spirit…
Still not sleeping good most nights but I’m feeling ok and not too tired during the day

In The Kitchen…
On the menu this week is fish, ham, BLT’s, & Meatloaf

New To Me Stuff:
I love Taco Bell’s Baja Blast. Well now they have Baja Blast Zero. It’s not quite as good, but I still like it and it has no carbs!

Today’s To Do List…
I worked this morning and plan to relax the rest of the day, I did all but one load of laundry on my day off (Friday) so I only have one load left to do today

Looking forward to…
Going to St. Augustine in June with my daughter Kilah, her husband Harley, grandkids Harley Jr. & Alecia, and Harley’s mom and dad

A Favorite Bible Verse…
The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.
Nahum 1:7

From the camera…

  26 Responses to “Sunday Reflecions, Sunday Salon, Sunday Post: 4/285/19”

  1. A sand sculpture festival sounds like so much fun! Sure beats the ice sculptures we have in NY, lol. We stopped in St. Augustine a few years ago on our drive north and loved it. Keep meaning to get back there, but haven’t yet. Such a beautiful photo… nothing like a sunset on the water. Hope you have a good week!

  2. The Sugarland Festival looks like fun. The sunset is gorgeous, Vicki.

  3. The Sugarland Festival sounds like fun. St. Augustine sounds like a nice trip. I hope you have a great time.

  4. Where do you live? Such lovely ocean views. What a busy week. I hope that the sleeping improves. My Sunday Salon

    • I love the ocean and go as often as I can. I live an hour or less depending on traffic from St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The beach I usually go to is closer.

  5. Sounds like a lovely week, some of the sand sculptures I’ve seen defy belief.
    And Every Morning is on my TBR list, I hope it’s good.

    Have a great reading week

  6. That picture of the ocean is brilliant. Lucky you, to see such beauty so often.

    The Cross Country Road Trip sounds interesting. I don’t know that we get the YouTube channel. It seems like we pay for so much tv—cable…Amazon Prime…Netflix—it ought to be there somewhere, I’d hope!

    I love the quote you posted from David Baldaci. Is that really too much to ask? There are an awful lot of political people who would be much better if they read more!

    • Thanks Deb, I do love the beach! I’ve only watched the first episode of the trip but it was very interesting. agree with you about people reading more.

  7. 86 sounds great, we’re only about half that at the moment. 🙂 And beautiful sunset pic too! Love the sound of the Sugarsand festival. I’ve only been to Clearwater once but it was nice…

    The Cross Country Roadtrip show sounds great too 🙂

  8. That picture you took is gorgeous! And 86 – we had snow in the mid-West over the weekend so I’m super jealous :0)

  9. Sugarsand Festival looks like fun. I’m always amazed by impermanent art. And what a beautiful sunset!

  10. I’m sorry that you’re not sleeping well and hope it gets better for you. At least, the weather is good. 🙂 My wife and I also are looking forward to June, when we’re getting away for a weekend for my 50th birthday.

  11. Thanks Bryan! I hope you have a great weekend getaway to celebrate your birthday!

  12. You must be near Florida. My brother lives in Tampa – I’ll have to ask him about that Festival. I know they go to St. Augustine like for vacation weekend, or they have at least once or twice. Have a good weekend!

    Here is my Sunday Post   

  13. What beautiful shot!!

  14. Wow. What a stunning shot. I haven’t been to the beach in awhile. I need to go soon.

    I am anxious to know what you thought or Murakami’s book on running. I really enjoyed it. It made me want to run and let me tell you, my body does not do that.

    I am late on commenting so I will keep reading and maybe I will catch the review.

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