Apr 212019


Sunday Reflections

It’s a cool 55° and the high is supposed to be 77°. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue with only a few fluffy clouds here and there. No sounds except for a few chickens talking back and forth.

To Tina for the Boz Scaggs ticket. The concert was really good and my daughter and I had a great time. Brought back a lot of memories of my younger years. My daughter was familiar with him and loved some of his songs so she enjoyed herself too. She was the youngest person there that we saw other than one man who was about her age lol!

I told you last week that we planned on going to the Sugarsand Festival the day after the concert. Well, we tried. There was 100% chance of rain that was predicted to start around 1pm. We got there at 11:00 and as soon as we reached the sand it started raining and lightening and the wind picked up so much that it was hard for me to not be blown over. My weather app said there were tornado watches out for the area and it sure did look like it was possible. My daughter and I hooked arms and finally made our way back to the car. We were both dripping from the rain and our shoes were covered with wet sand. Mine had filled up with sand too. I was so sad to be so close and still not see the sculptures, but we’re going to try and go back on the 28th, which is the last day.

Still reading (slowly) Kitchen Yarns: Notes on Life, Love, and Food by Ann Hood

 The Wonder of Lost Causes by Nick Trout for a May 14th TLC Book Tours review

Listening To…
I have 2 hrs. left of I’m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pagán

Tina posted yesterday about the movie The Dish and it sounds really good so I’ll me watching it tonight if I can find it.

Mind Body Spirit…
I put some Icy Hot on the back of my knee and it stopped hurting almost immediately and didn’t hurt again until today so I need to put more on it. I’m eating a lot less carbs and signed up for emeals to help me with finding recipes that suit my needs better. My DIL uses it and loves it so I thought I’d give it a try.

 The Kitchen…
Slowly getting everything where I want it to make it more efficient.

New To Me Stuff:
Smucker’s Sugar Free Syrup which I had for the first time Friday when my daughter and I stopped at a restaurant to get breakfast. We both got 2 wheat pancakes and we asked for sugar free syrup and that’s what they brought us. It was so good that I came home and put a bottle in my Amazon Prime cart. I rarely eat pancakes (it’s been years since I had any) but we saw them on the menu and they looked so good. I also added a wheat pancake mix to the cart that has only 6 carbs for each pancake.

Today’s To Do List…
Going to spend some time with family, see a movie and who knows what else

Looking forward to…
Hopefully actually getting to see the sculptures next Sunday at the Sugarsand Festival

A Favorite Bible Verse…
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

From the camera…

From the parking lot at the Sugarsand Festival

It’s raining hard and that’s why the photo is blurry

  11 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 4/21/19”

  1. Happy Easter! I’m glad the concert was so much fun and am sorry the sand festival was a disaster. We’ve had some scary weather here lately too.

  2. Happy Easter, Vicki! It was wonderfully cool here this morning, too… upper 60s I think. Hope you continue to enjoy Kitchen Yarns.

  3. That is a dramatic looking sky. Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter!

  5. Hope your Easter was wonderful and that you have a chance to see the sculptures. Great shot of stormy skies.

  6. Glad you enjoyed the concert! I feel famous since you mentioned me. 🙂
    That’s a cool shot of the dark skies. We had a severe thunderstorm her probably near the same time so it was most likely the same weather system.

    I just ordered The Dish from Amazon today. Hope you get back to Sugarsand, I would love to see photos.

  7. Happy belated Easter, Vicki!

    The Dish sounds very good. I’d like to see it.

    Your photo is very dramatic. That sky!

    Have a great week ahead.

  8. We had cold, gloomy weather the day before Easter but Easter day was lovely. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the sculptures but that weather was horrible! Lightning and wet sand is not a good thing.

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