Mar 022019

Last week my daughter, grandson, and granddaughter went to Indian Rocks Beach and then went shopping. One of the stores we went into was new to all of us. Sprouts Farmer Market. Sprouts is a specialty chain offering a range of natural & organic grocery items. My daughter Kilah and I really liked it and hope to go back.

They have a huge selection of nuts/seeds, flour/sugar/salt, beans & fruits/veggies. Also candies, coffee/tea, dairy, and even a butcher shop and more. You can buy the nuts, sugar, beans, coffee etc. in bulk. The store was very clean and well lit and the prices weren’t bad either.

Are there any Sprouts where you live?




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A New To Me Store Find – Sprouts”

  1. Oh this store looks awesome. We don’t have a Sprouts, but I’ll look for one when we visit family. It looks like a great place to poke around.

  2. I have t heard of Sprouts but it reminds me of Whole Foods. I’d like to visit that store.

  3. I read in our newspaper that a Sprouts just opened south of us in Naples. That’s too far for a regular grocery shop, but I’ll certainly stop in if I’m down that way. It looks like a fun store to explore. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    • I’m used to driving at least 30-45 min. to any good store, and the better ones were even farther. Now I live about 30 min. from where I used to live so they are closer, and I love it!

  4. Looks like a fine place to shop. I miss buying bulk, it’s so convenient for the spices, nuts and whatever else you need and they have. Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing, Vicki.

  5. I was a big fan of our Sprouts here but the produce, which is locally sourced, was affected by the drought and nothing was good. I ended up going back to my regular store.

  6. We do have Sprouts in the Bay Area and I really like it for good produce and meat! In our case, many things are absurdly expensive, but you can also get some great deals, so we just have to pay attention to which things are which 🙂

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