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First Book Of The Year

This is the 6th year Sheila has hosted this event!

Sheila says:
The first book of the New Year should be:

A. A coveted book that you have wanted to read but have just not found the time

B. A delicious favorite… one you have read before, but crave to read again

C. Really whatever you want it to – it is after all YOUR First Book Of the year

My first book of 2019 was supposed to be The Lido by Libby Page because I ran out of time to read it earlier this year, but I didn’t get to the library to pick it up this week before it closed for New Year.

So I decided to read Tuna Melts My Heart by Courtney Dasher because I bought a copy when it was published but still haven’t read it.

Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite

If you aren’t familiar with Tuna, check out his FB page. I LOVE him!

What will your first book of 2019 be?

  20 Responses to “First Book Of The Year: 2019”

  1. My first book will be one which I haven’t finished by tomorrow midnight! On my Kindle because we’re away from home — I have several I’m reading at once, depending on my mood.

  2. Such a cute cover…I hope you love it!

  3. Sounds like a great book. I love the facebook page, Tuna is such a celebrity.

  4. Tuna is a unique character! What a dog! I love tuna melt sandwiches. Would that get me in Tuna’s good graces?

  5. LOL! I love tuna sandwiches but don’t think I’ve ever had a tuna melt. I’ll be trying one this week.

  6. Such a cute cover. My first book is Winter in Paradise; Hildebrand.

    Happiest 2019 wishes to you.

  7. Tuna is ADORABLE! Have a wonderful New Year’s, Vicki!

  8. Hope you enjoy the book. Looks good!

  9. I haven’t decided what my first read will be yet so will be spending some time at my bookshelf tonight. Ha. Enjoy your first read of the year. Tuna is so cute!

  10. What an adorable book! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing. Here is my FIRST BOOK OF 2019

  11. Looks like a great read to start the New Year off. Happy New Year Vicki!

    My First Book

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