Dec 042018
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Didn’t do so good this week with steps or food 🙁

July Goals
1. Eat more meatless meals: a few days
2. Drink enough water: not every day
3. Strength train 5 times a week: yes
4. Tai-chi/chi gong twice a  week: none this week

Don’t know why but I’ve been eating when I get home from work about 11-1 but then I don’t feel like eating supper so I just grab something and munch on it, usually popcorn or something

Steps Last Week
Tuesday: 8,083
Wednesday: didn’t track
Thursday: 9,442
Friday: 8,158
Saturday: didn’t track
Sunday: didn’t track
Monday: 7,503

  6 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 12/4/18”

  1. I hope you have a better week!

  2. Your steps weren’t bad on the days you tracked them.

  3. Vicki, I agree with Kathy re your step count. I hope you’re having a good week overall. The holiday season can be stressful at times!

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