Nov 192018
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This morning I decided to make 15 bean soup chili (with ham instead of ground beef) in the slow cooker. We’ll be eating that tonight and probably tomorrow night. Might even eat some for lunch tomorrow

Later this week I’m making homemade potato soup

Then it’s Thanksgiving so you know what we’ll be eating

Steps Last Week
Tuesday: 8,637
Wednesday: 8,282
Thursday: didn’t track
Friday: 9,294
Saturday: 8,576
Sunday: 8,067
Monday: didn’t track

Tai-Chi/Chi Gong, Strength Training, Etc.
Every day except two

  4 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 11/20/18”

  1. Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving! Keep up the steps!

  2. Your 15 bean soup chili sounds delightful even if it’s made with ham instead of beef. In fact, ham probably works better than beef. Hmmm…let’s see, you probably went to Micky D’s for your Thanksgiving meal…no? I guess not. But whatever, I’m sure it was very tasty and you probably have some left-over for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!

    • The 15 bean soup was very good. No Mickey D’s for us. We ate at a local restaurant and everything was great. My favorite part was spending time with family and talking and talking. And yes, there were leftovers.

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