Nov 112018

Sunday Reflections

Lately there have been a few tornado’s and one touched down near our house. There is a tree outside my bedroom that was planted just before we moved here in 1999 and it’s really tall. Limbs kept breaking off because of the high wind and some hit the roof and some fell to the ground. It was very loud, freaked me, my dog and cats out.

That there wasn’t any more damage

Perched on the Edge: Poems and Songs for Everyday by Lowell a Anderson, a blogger buddy

Listening To…
The Storyteller’s Secret by Sejal Badani

A Million Little Things which Paula posted about on her blog
Smidgens, Snippets & Bits-SO GOOD!

I’ve found some new recipes to try and since it’s cooler I’d like to start walking outside some and maybe talk my kids/grandkids into going to one of the local trails to ride our bikes

In The Kitchen…
Eating out today

Today’s To-Do List…
Reading, tv, snuggling with my animals, making a list of meals for the week

One of my favorite things:
Daylight coming early, yeah I know a lot of people don’t like it but I do

Looking forward to…
Picking up Elevation by Stephen King that’s waiting for me at the library  (it doesn’t have the highest rating but I’m still excited to read it)

What’s your favorite Christmasy book?

A Favorite Bible Verse…

From the camera…


  24 Responses to “Sunday Reflections: 11/11/18”

  1. Glad you didn’t have more damage. Bet it was scary. We’ve certainly had our share of storms in Central Texas. And it’s hard to predict what will happen. As to Christmas books, I used to read CHRISTMAS LETTERS by Lee Smith every year. Haven’t for a while. Think I’ll do it again this year. Enjoy your weekend!

    • We have a lot of storms and tornadoes pop up out of the blue here and yes, it is very scary, especially so when I’m not at home making sure my dog and cats are safe.

      I just checked to see what The Christmas Letters is about and think I’d really like it, thanks!

  2. What a cute little nose your kitty has, great shot!
    I’m glad you didn’t have more damage from storms, what a scary thing to have a tornado nearby!

  3. It sounds like you’ve had some scary weather! I don’t mind daylight coming earlier but I dislike the dark coming earlier.

  4. So glad you didn’t have any serious damage to your house. The falling branches would have freaked me out too. The kitty looks like it is practicing meditation.

    A Christmas Carol is my all time favorite book/story.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Vicki. And I hope you like the book. If you like Leonard Cohen you’ll probably be OK with it. Have you ever heard Cohen do his “Hallelujah”? If not, check out the video of his London concert.

    Glad you came through the storm OK. When we first moved up here, we were in an area of big water oaks. They come down easily and did during the 2004 storm. We had to hire people to cut branches back and that was very expensive.

    Take care!

    • I am enjoying your book, I can’t believe I never noticed it in your sidebar before. Well, I probably did but I didn’t notice you were the author.

      It is expensive to have tree work done. When we bought the house we’re remodeling there was a huge, really tall tree that we wanted cut down because the roots were starting to break the sidewalk leading to the front door and garage. It cost us $4000 to get it cut down.

      I haven’t heard Cohen do Hallelujah, I’ll check it out.

  6. I’m glad you didn’t get more damage. Tornadoes are so scary.

    What a cute kitty pic!

  7. I’m planning to reread Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory this year… it’s really more of a short story, but I really enjoy it.

  8. I’m glad you are safe from the tornado! The cat close-up is adorable. I hope you had a good weekend, Vicki!

  9. Wow, glad you didn’t have any more damage – sounds frightening!

    Glad the rest of your week went well. I am enjoying A Million Little Things, too.

    Enjoy your books & TV this week!


    Book By Book

  10. I love that last photo of the cat. I love dogs but I am a cat person at heart.

    • I’ve had cats and dogs most of my life. I’ve always been a cat liker but was a big dog lover. Then my son brought this teeny tiny kitten home because he found her abandoned, She wasn’t even weened yet so I had to bottle feed her. When she was weened he was going to find her a forever home but I told him no, she was mine.

      She’d done turned me into a cat lover 🙂

  11. That branch falling sound is always so scary! Glad there wasn’t more damage. I love that last picture!

  12. I haven’t really read any Christmasy books so I cannot recommend any but I am eager to begin my Christmas movie marathon. I need to start early because I have many faves.

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