Oct 302018

Wordless Wednesday

Skywatch Friday

  20 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday & Skywatch Friday”

  1. That looks so peaceful.

  2. Cotton clouds 🙂

  3. Very peaceful looking, a beautiful scene.

  4. That’s really pretty!

    Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  5. Beautiful scenic view!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    – Lisa

  6. That photo captures Florida so well. At least the parts I have lived in.

  7. Hi Vicki! Are you sure you weren’t in the Ocala area recently? The photo is so like the Silver River flowing down from the Silver Springs park…I’ve got a ton of pictures that look just like this one.

    Okay, I just read your comment to Tina! Boy, you had me going. No wonder the photo was so familiar! 🙂 Hope you had a good time. Did you do any kayaking? The park ain’t what it used to be and I don’t like it as much but it’s still a fun place to go and spend some time.

  8. That’s a peaceful and beautiful scene. I love your deep blue sky with the fluffy white clouds.

  9. Wow! So beautiful.

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