Oct 222018
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Taco Salad
Scrambled Eggs & Cinnamon Toast
2 pcs. Pizza
Chicken Sandwich & Fries

Tuesday: 12,265
Wednesday: didn’t track
Thursday: 7,659
Friday: 9,429
Saturday: 4,557
Sunday: 8,442
Monday: 7,669

Tai-Chi/Chi Gong, Strength Training, Etc.
all but one day last week

  3 Responses to “Reader’s Workouts: 10/23/18”

  1. Yay for doing your tai chi! Keep up the good work with the steps.

    • I’m doing ok but I’m still tired from the lack of days off the last month. Seems it takes me longer to recoup than it used to.

      • I’m definitely aware of long recovery time from things — even things that should be fun, like a four-hour birthday party for a three-year-old. It was fun! And I was exhausted for the next day and a half.

        Chi Gong or yoga end up being good exercise options for me on those days.

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